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Welcome to Arnold Laver, your one-stop destination for all your hardwood needs. Browse our Planed Square Edge (PSE) or sawn hardwood collection in the sections below, or continue reading to discover more about our extensive hardwood range.

With years of experience in the hardwood industry, Arnold Laver has become a trusted name for meeting the specific hardwood needs of businesses and individuals. Choose us for your hardwood requirements and rest assured that your satisfaction is our priority.

Extensive Selection of Hardwood Products


Arnold Laver, a trusted name in the UK, is proud to offer an extensive array of hard wood and associated products. Our dedication to uncompromised quality combined with a vast inventory allows us to meet virtually any hardwood requirement. Whether you're seeking hardwood boards UK or timber hardwood, we strive to exceed expectations. If our broad collection doesn't include your specific need, our commitment extends to sourcing it for you.

Additionally, Arnold Laver provides a full-scale machining service, adeptly handling everything from standard hardwood planks UK to intricate mouldings. Delve into our stock list below for a quick overview, or, for a more detailed understanding, feel free to explore our comprehensive UK hardwood guide.


  • Accoya
  • Ash, American
  • Beech, European – Steamed
  • Beech, European – Unsteamed
  • Beech, European – Colour no defect
  • Cherry
  • Ekki
  • Elm
  • Greenheart
  • Idigbo (Emeri or Framire)
  • Ipe
  • Iroko
  • Jelutong
  • Keruing
  • Koto
  • Machined PSEs
  • Maple
  • Meranti, Dark Red
  • Oak, American Red
  • Oak, American White
  • Oak, European
  • Oak, French (Large Section – Beam)
  • Sapele
  • Sweet Chestnut
  • Sycamore
  • Tulipwood
  • Utile
  • Walnut, American Black
  • Wenge


Introducing Advanced Laver Timber (ALT)

Beyond our wide range of hardwoods, we present our innovative product, Advanced Laver Timber (ALT). ALT is an engineered hardwood with a multi-layer structure that surpasses traditional timber in stability and stress resistance. It's 100% FSC Certified, offering superior performance compared to natural hardwood. ALT reduces waste and labour costs due to its custom-made nature and undergoes rigorous quality control procedures to ensure top-notch quality. ALT products are environmentally sustainable, made from 100% FSC Certified hardwood and manufactured in Western Europe to minimize our carbon footprint.

Comprehensive Hardwood Machining and Manufacturing Services

Choosing Arnold Laver as your hardwood supplier marks the beginning of a long-term partnership. Our in-house production facilities for machining and manufacturing hardwoods and softwoods enable us to provide efficient services for various manufacturing needs.

Precision Machining for Custom Hardwood Specifications

Our precision machining capabilities allow us to customize hardwood to your exact specifications, whether it's standard profiles for architrave and skirting or custom components for windows and doors. With advanced cutting technology and software, we ensure accuracy and flexibility while keeping costs under control.

CNC Machining for Unmatched Accuracy

Our CNC machining centre, equipped with state-of-the-art software, guarantees consistent accuracy and reliability for all CNC requirements. This advanced technology ensures precise drilling and routing processes, meeting the most demanding specifications with ease.

Door Servicing for Design and Manufacturing Support

We offer a comprehensive door servicing service, providing design, manufacturing, and technical support for doorkits and doorsets. We offer a wide range of veneers, apertures, glazing options, and sizes, including fire-rated doors. Our expertise in door manufacturing ensures high-quality and reliable solutions.

Quality Finishing and Hardwood Treatment

Our finishing facility allows us to offer a complete end-to-end service, including cutting, machining, and applying a flawless spray finish to our hardwood products. Additionally, we provide industrially applied preservative and fire retardant treatments for both internal and external use, ensuring the longevity and safety of our hardwood.

Choose Arnold Laver for Quality Hardwoods and Exceptional Service

At Arnold Laver, we are committed to providing the highest quality hardwoods, excellent customer service, and environmentally conscious practices. We are your reliable partner for all your hardwood needs.

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