Finsa Fibrapan Hidrofugo

The Ultimate Moisture-Resistant MDF Board

Introducing Finsa Fibrapan Hidrofugo: the industry-standard moisture-resistant MDF board that complies with EN 321 and V313 specifications for high-humidity applications. Engineered to meet rigorous European standards, this board is the go-to choice for construction professionals and specifiers seeking reliable, high-performance materials for demanding environments. Additionally, our product comes with full certification, ensuring that it meets the highest quality and safety standards in the industry.


Finsa introduce an improved addition to their Fibrapan Hidrofugo range: Fibrapan Hidrofugo Plus

Fibrapan Hidrofugo Plus uses the same unique Steam Injection Process (SIPs) as Fibrapan Hidrofugo which gives it the recognisable face finish and unrivalled core qualities you cannot get through standard MDF press technology. This, along with the increased density, gives the board enhanced machining capabilities for an even crisper edge and finer detail when routing and moulding.


Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced Moisture Resistance: Engineered to withstand elevated humidity levels, compliant with EN 321 and V313 standards.
  • Superior Dimensional Stability: Designed for minimal distortion and warping under variable environmental conditions.
  • Reduced Swelling Coefficient: Exhibits low volumetric expansion in high-moisture settings.
  • Versatile Thickness Options: Offered in a range of thicknesses to suit diverse construction requirements
  • Standard Sheet Dimensions: Provided in industry-standard 2440 x 1220 mm sheets for ease of integration.
  • Optimal Machinability: Precision-engineered for high-quality cuts, drills, and other machining processes.
  • Premium Surface Finish: Exceptional finishing characteristics for a smooth, ready-to-paint surface.
  • Low Formaldehyde Emission: Manufactured to contain reduced levels of formaldehyde, enhancing indoor air quality.

Technical Specifications for Standard Hidrafugo

Properties Units Thickness mm
    >4/6 >6/9 >9/12 >12/19 >19/30
Density (*) kg/m3 855/830 825/770 765/745 745/730 730/715
Internal Bond N/mm2 0.85 0.80 0.80 0.75 0.75
Bending Strength N/mm2 27 27 26 24 22
Modulus of Elasticity N/mm2 2700 2700 2500 2400 2300

Use Cases / Applications

  • Bathroom Cabinetry and Vanities: With its enhanced moisture resistance, this MDF board is ideal for bathroom furniture that's exposed to high humidity.
  • Kitchen Units and Worktops: The board's high dimensional stability makes it a reliable choice for kitchen installations.
  • Commercial Wet Areas: Suitable for use in commercial environments like swimming pools, saunas, and gyms where moisture resistance is a priority.
  • Retail Fixtures and Displays: Its excellent machining quality and exceptional finish make it ideal for creating high-quality retail displays.
  • Specialised Joinery: The board's optimal machinability and premium surface finish make it a top choice for custom joinery projects.



What Makes Finsa Hidrofugo MDF Boards Unique?

Engineered to meet EN 321 and V313 standards, Finsa Hidrofugo Moisture-Resistant MDF Sheets offer unparalleled moisture resistance, making them ideal for high-humidity projects. This ensures longer-lasting durability and reduces risks like warping and splitting.

Why Choose Finsa Hidrofugo Over Standard MDF?

Finsa Hidrofugo MDF boards are specifically designed for moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Unlike standard MDF, their high-density structure allows for more specialised applications, offering enhanced durability and versatility.

How Can I Get More Information About Finsa Hidrofugo MDF?

For comprehensive product details or any technical queries, our customer service experts are available to assist you. Feel free to reach out for more information.

What Sizes Are Available for Finsa Hidrofugo MDF Boards?

Finsa Hidrofugo comes in various thicknesses, ranging from 6 mm to 30 mm. The standard sheet size is 2440 x 1220 mm.

FAQs for Fibrapan Hidrofugo Plus:

What is Fibrapan Hidrofugo Plus?

Fibrapan Hidrofugo Plus is a high-density moisture-resistant MDF, designed for applications requiring a perfect finish with minimal preparation.

What are the key benefits of Fibrapan Hidrofugo Plus?

This product is 25% stronger and more stable than standard Fibrapan Hidrofugo. It features a greater density and a stronger internal bond, enhancing machinability for finer details and sharper edges.

How does Fibrapan Hidrofugo Plus save time and resources?

It requires even less paint and sanding compared to standard versions, significantly reducing processing time and ensuring a superior finish.


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