Why Choose WISA®

Together with concrete formwork suppliers we offer a perfected WISA-Form product and service range to meet your construction needs.


The sustainably produced plywood has been tried and tested in the most demanding formwork applications. We provide you with formwork panels that offer both unrivalled functionality and produce visually pleasing concrete faces.


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Plywood has been an instrumental part of our business and the formwork industry has relied on our products knowledge and expertise for several decades.


We understand that your building project waits for no one. This is why our supply chain is dedicated to ensuring that you get your formwork panels – just when and where you need them.


10 Great Reasons to Choose WISA-Form Plywood


  • Proven and tested consistent quality
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Good load bearing properties
  • Accurate dimensional tolerances
  • Maxi-sized panels
  • Easy to clean panels for extended reuses
  • Solutions for every formwork application
  • Tailor-made components according to your specifications
  • Global technical support and logistics service
  • Certified sustainable products
WISA-Form Maxi Birch

Our WISA-Spruce Range

WISA-SpruceFR is a fire-retardant plywood product for use in construction. The fire retardant treatment significantly improves fire resistance properties of the product without compromising the plywood panel’s excellent technical properties. WISA-SpruceFR works equally as well as the base product – WISA-Spruce – in all kind of construction, especially in structural uses and load bearing structures.


WISA-Spruce is a truly versatile plywood panel for numerous end uses. The panel is light in weight yet strong and rigid – therefore most suitable in structural uses and load bearing applications like roofing, flooring, wall sheeting, packaging and joinery.



WISA-SpruceWR is a lightweight water repellent plywood panel for structural uses. The wood-based water repellent coating agent protects the panel from the weather and adds efficiency to construction work. The wood-based agent creates a barrier slowing the rate of moisture penetration to the structure. At the same time, the surface allows the panel to breath and dry freely.


Our WISA-Form Range

WISA-Form Elephant

WISA-Form Elephant, birch plywood with wood plastic composite coating, is designed for concrete shuttering where stringent requirements are set on the number of reuses. The hardwearing coating brings extra value especially in frame systems and in rental use, where the extensive service life enables prolonged panel change intervals.







WISA-Form BirchMBT

WISA-Form BirchMBT is a coated plywood panel with new Moisture Barrier Technology (MBT) for use in concrete formwork. MBT controls the face veneer’s moisture movement – minimising ripple on the panel surface. This enables an even smoother end result without compromising the number of reuses. The birch base panel is strong and the coating on both sides and sealed edges protect the panel from harsh weather conditions, prolonging the panel’s service life.


WISA-Form Maxi Birch

WISA-Form Maxi Birch is the perfect choice when producing large seamless concrete surfaces. The product combines the key features of WISA-Form Birch with the extensive maxi size range making the panel a natural choice when designing special projects. A maxi sized panel can also be a time saving factor both in frame system manufacturing and in special custom build forms.

WISA-Form Maxi Birch

WISA-Form Birch

WISA-Form Birch is a household name in the formworking industry, a universal casting panel that can be used in numerous different applications from frame systems to special formwork projects. The full birch base panel combined with phenolic coating is especially designed for the formwork end use and has an excellent strength to weight ratio and stable striking properties. Strong standard construction can be optimised further by using strength-oriented construction when needed.



WISA-Form MDO is a spruce-based product for various formwork applications. The light weight of the panel makes it easy to handle and medium density overlay on the face gives a constant matt finish to the concrete surface.



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