We stock one of the best ranges of quality Plywood panels in the UK, providing our customers with great choice and value for money.


Plywood is a versatile building material made from thin layers, or “plies,” of wood veneer glued together. It is a very durable material that provides an excellent foundation for building, so it is used in a variety of projects.


Our Plywood Range

  • Coniferous Plywood

Elliottis Pine Exterior Plywood
Finnish Spruce Exterior
Flooring Panels T & G
Formwork Plywood

  • Birch Plywood

Higher Grade
Standard Grade
WBP exterior Birch throughout


  • Marine Plywood


  • Bendy Plywood


  • Veneered Plywood

First quality book-matched decorative veneers


  • Hardwood Plywood

Far Eastern Plywood WBP


  • Poplar Core Plywood


  • Blockboard


  • ToughPly

Double-sided pre-coated OSB3 panel


  • Grada Plywood

Thermo-formable birch veneer ply

Why Use Plywood?

As with any building material, plywood has both advantages and disadvantages that should be understood before use.



The layers that make up plywood are intentionally glued together at alternating right angles. This is what gives it both strength and durability. This cross-graining also reduces the chances of the wood splitting when nailing at the edges, and it makes the wood resistant to warping, cracking, and twisting. The way plywood is made also ensures a consistent strength across the entire length of the wood.


In addition to its strength, plywood is less expensive than similar boards made of full wood species, which makes it an ideal construction planking material.



While plywood’s layered property has many advantages, it actually also makes the wood porous and susceptible to water damage if exposed to leaks over time. Plywood becomes heavy when wet and should be covered if left outside to reduce the risk of absorption.




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