Innovative and striking, these boards and panels made from completely organic materials such as Barley and Alpine Grass and Wheat.


Background & Vision

The fundamental idea behind the organoid® technology is based on the beneficial effect that flowing, organic freeform building components produce on the observer. We believe that the well-being and life quality of an individual in his or her working or living environment can be significantly improved with primal, organic forms and the employment of natural materials.



As the implementation of freeform architecture is not possible for a large segment of potential customers due to the costs involved, Organoid® Technologies GmbH focuses on the reasonably priced production of double-curved forms and objects from natural fibres.



The Organoid® Process

The organoid® process is simple and revolutionary: an inflatable inner form that can be shaped as desired is placed under pressure and covered with a vacuum film. Then biogenic materials (e.g., wood chips, reed, or straw), ground to various degrees of fineness and combined with a natural binder of the required strength, are sprayed on. Next the still-damp and flexible material is covered with another vacuum film and hermetically sealed. With the application of a defined negative pressure, the biocomposite is compressed and then hardened into its final form.


The Basic Recipe – 100% Organic

Organoid® forms can be produced from almost any natural fibre. Through the addition of a binder that is also natural, the end product is 100% biodegradable.

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This range is innovative, striking and made from completely organic materials.

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