Oneskin - Quality lacquered panels in a high-gloss or super-matte finish.


Product Range

Oneskin – a high quality and innovative lacquered panel available in a high-gloss or super-matt finish, designed to inspire the creation of unique solutions in furniture and architectural design.


Oneskin panels are available in a wide range of basic colours and special metallics, as well as abstract, stone and wood finishes. They can be used to create any style or trend; whether it’s a modern kitchen, a vintage bedroom, an industrial office area or a hotel lobby.


Product Specification

  • High-gloss or super-matte UV lacquered Melamine faced MDF panels with a matching reverse side.
  • Comply with Class E1 requirements, low formaldehyde content, according to UNE-EN 14322 standard.
  • Standard panel dimensions: 2850 x 1220 x 18mm (2440 x 1220 x 18mm – available upon request).
  • Resistant to: food and chemical products, cold liquids, scratching, abrasion, adhesion, cracking, water steam, dry heat and wet heat.

Feautres and Benefits

  • Panels are characterised by their outstanding visual quality: mirror and depth effect for high-gloss surfaces or a warm, soft and natural feeling for super-matt surfaces.
  • The elasticity of the lacquer makes the panels extremely easy to cut and drill, ensuring a perfect transition from panels to end product.



Typical Applications

  • Kitchen cabinets & shelving units
  • Living room furniture and tables
  • Conference room tables
  • Room partitions
  • Bedroom furniture and headboards
  • Hotel lobby and reception area


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