PAS 24 Apartment Entrance Doorset

Huet’s new Axiome apartment entrance doorsets have been tested to meet the exacting standards of PAS 24. This means that the doorset offers enhanced security with strength built in at the design stage to offer great improvements against unwanted intruders.


The Axiome doorsets have been specifically designed for apartments and building entrances where security, fire and noise reduction performance are of paramount importance, and to give you further peace of mind the doorset comes with acoustic and fire ratings as a standard.


Door Leaf

The door leaf is constructed using a multi-layer acoustic and anti-breaking core, with 40mm concealed engineered beech stiles all round.


The door leaf is available to suit a structural opening size of up to 2539mm high and 1100mm wide.

The door, which is primed as standard, is available in a wide range of attractive finishes including a variety of veneers and laminates, engraved to a wide choice of standard and bespoke finishes in addition to being available fully painted to any RAL or NCS colour reference.


The door leaf offers high stability due to the inclusion of 2 steel sheets.


Door Frame

The door frame is manufactured using engineered beech (98 x 51mm). The rebated monoblock frame is available with extension linings.


The frame can be wrapped with wood veneers to match the door leaf facings and can be stained, varnished or fully painted.


Fire rating

The FD30 fire rated Axiome doorsets are fully compliant with BS and EN standards.


Acoustic rating

The Axiome doorset achieves an acoustic rating of 39RwdB and has been tested to BS and EN standards.



The Axiome doorset is supplied fully-fitted with:

Lock: Vachette 5000 SPN1 A2P 3 points
Hinges: 4 lift-off hinges or 3 butt hinges
Cylinder: anti-snap cylinder or standard cylinder
Escutcheon: Anti breaking escutcheon or standard escutcheon
Perimeter seals

Intumescent deals factory fitted
Combined smoke and acoustic seals fitted within the frame and leaf
Mechanical drop seal or flat threshold 35 x 12mm
Ancillary items


The additional ironmongery items listed can also be supplied with the doorset:

Concealed door closer DORMA ITS96
Spy hole


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