Terms & conditions apply. You must sign up to the Arnold Laver Autumn 2020 Love2shop scheme to be included in the promotion. The promotion applies to all orders placed between 02.09.20 and 28.11.20. Spend targets must be achieved by 28th November 2020 to be eligible for a reward. Your spend targets have been set based on your annual spend with us between March19-Feb20. We will attempt to contact you to let you know which spend & reward category you have been assigned. 

The promotion is exclusive to credit and cash customers that historically spend up to the value of £15,000 per annum. The reward value is capped at the maximum target reward within your assigned spend category.

The rewards will be issued as Love2Shop vouchers and these will be sent direct to each customer that achieves the required levels of spend. We aim to send the vouchers to customers by 18.12.20.

If you have any queries regarding the Arnold Laver Autumn 2020 Love2shop scheme then please email love2shoppromo@laver.co.uk