UPM Grada

UPM Grada – a new opportunity

UPM Grada is
a new thermo-formable wood material for the industries using wood components in specific form.

Product Properties


The UPM Grada 2000 panel is made of cross-laminated rotary cut birch veneers glued together with the special glue-lines.
Birch is 
known for its high strength and stability.



Veneer sheets are bonded with moisture resistant bonding (EN 314-2). The face veneer quality complies with EN 635, BB (III) classification.

The benefits

• Increased production efficiency

• The fastest industrial forming process

• Simple and not labour intensive operations

• Reduced total production costs

• Uses wood from responsibly managed forests

• Glue-lines are formaldehyde and solvent free

• CE-marked and certified panels