Superpan, from Finsa, is an innovative board with a unique composition - two external faces of wood fiber and a core of chipboard - that is different from the rest of conventional boards on the market.

Thanks to its physical characteristics and its unique mechanical properties, Superpan represents an ideal solution for numerous applications in the furniture and interior design business.

A special structure

Thanks to its versatility and ease of adaptation to numerous applications, today Superpan is the board of choice of many furniture and interior manufacturers. This new generation of technical wood not only provides them with superior quality standards but also with an optimisation of resources and greater profitability.



Furniture manufactured with Superpan offers the client a competitive advantage in comparison with other traditional alternatives: the guarantee of a material of superior quality and performance. This implies a greater life-span of the finished product.

Interior design

Both raw, for subsequent painting or coating, as well as melamine faced, veneered or laminated, Superpan offer new opportunities and a broad range of possibilities.

Its special properties and above all its great versatility make Superpan a reference product in the interior design business.

Once its enormous potential has been discovered, you will be able to unleash your creativity taking advantage of the endless possibilities that this innovative product has to offer.

Stands & Displays

Superpan's surface, which is suitable for painting, printing or coating directly, allows for undertaking unique quality projects while allowing significant cost savings in comparison with other traditional solutions.

Moreover, Superpan’s superior mechanical properties are key advantages for structural uses (mezzanines, pasageways, flooring, panelling etc.).


The high resistance to impact of the smooth fibre surface makes Superpan a product that is suited for the manufacturing of different furniture components such as kitchen countertops, shelving, office desktops etc.

The kitchen countertops manufactured using Superpan TOP provide an end product with a additional resistance to impact and durable surface quality.


Both with intermediate thicknesses for frames and racks as well as with the greater thicknesses for the doors, Superpan provides door manufacturers with new possibilities and resources to make technically more advanced products at much more competitive costs.

Superpan Top (fibre faces approximately 4 mm thick) is a product that is especially suited for this application as it allows for machining directly on the surface.