Arnold Laver Exhibited at Surface Design Show
Arnold Laver Exhibited at Surface Design Show

In February 2018 we were at the Surface Design Show, exhibiting our premium range of surface products including laminates and unique wall decors.

Returning to London’s Business Design Centre again, the Surface Design Show connects architects, designers and specifiers with innovative and inspiring surface materials.

Below is a selection of premium decorative surfaces that we had on display at the show.

Acrylic Couture

We Introduced Acrylic Couture, a customised acrylic glass panel which convey luxurious, indulgent designs.

In the presence of light and LED technology, this extraordinary material makes it possible to achieve intensely radiant 3-D-effects; thereby creating the perfect setting for unique compositions of shine and shimmer, light and shade and a perfect contrast of colours and shapes.

Oak Veneered Banova

BANOVA stands for high-quality lightweight panels for use in lightweight interior design applications. Our material not only provides high stability but also minimal weight - and is sustainable at the same time. What is more, BANOVA can be combined with a variety of different face laminates to fulfill additional requirements.

The balsa trees used only take 5 years to grow on the FSC-C019065 certified plantations before being turned into light and stable BANOVA panels in an efficient production processt.


Oneskin - a high quality and innovative lacquered panel available in a high-gloss or super-matt finish, designed to inspire the creation of unique solutions in furniture and architectural design.

Oneskin panels are available in a wide range of basic colours and special metallics, as well as abstract, stone andwood finishes. They can be used to create any style or trend; whether it’s a modern kitchen, a vintage bedroom, an industrial office area or a hotel lobby.


LightBeton is a real 2mm concrete layer which can be applied to various panels such as plywood, MDF or particle board, for example, giving you unlimited possibilities for architectural and design applications.


Meganite is an acrylic solid surface material that has combined innovation and design - providing a highly durable and versatile acrylic solid surface that can be used in horizontal and vertical applications.


The Paludet range comprises of High Gloss Acrylic mirror and Acrylic Anti-Scratch Mirror Panels.


The show was held at the Business Design Centre, London on 6th to 8th February 2018.