Medite is arguably Europe’s most recognised brand of MDF; available in Europe since 1976.

They supply a wide range of MDF products - including extra–smooth, moisture resistant, and flame retardant - to meet the diverse needs of users, specifiers and designers across Europe and beyond. 

Our extensive Medite range includes Medite Premier, Medite Tricoya Extreme, Medite Trade, Medite Ultralite, Medite MR, Medite FR, Medite Exterior, Medite Ecologique and Medite FQ.

Medite FR

Medite FR Euro Class B and C is an MDF panel developed specifically for use in situations where a Euro Class B or a Euro Class C flame retardant board is required under building regulations.

Medite FR is available in a range of panels sizes and thicknesses (see options below).  Other thicknesses and panel sizes by special request.


Medite FR Euro Class B and C, formerly Class 0 and Class 1 BS 476 part 6 & 7 respectively panel products, are suitable for use as wall linings, partitions, display panels, ceilings etc. Typical installations are: hotel foyers, offices, public libraries, schools, court houses, hospitals, cinemas, discotheques and some shipbuilding applications.

Medite MR

Medite MR is a moisture resistant MDF panel designed for use in humid conditions in accordance with MDF.H1 as defined in EN 622 part 5, so is ideal for applications such as kitchen and bathroom furniture, window and skirting boards and architectural mouldings.

Medite MR can be produced in a range of panel sizes and thickness' (see options below).  Cut to size specifications and other thicknesses are available on request.


Medite MR (EN 622-H1) is used as a substitute for softwoods and hardwoods, and as a panel product in non-stressed applications. It is successfully used for kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, architectural mouldings, skirting boards, architraves, window boards, flooring and general interior joinery.