Leeuwenburgh Decorative Surfaces From Arnold Laver
Leeuwenburgh Decorative Surfaces

Leeuwenburgh Fineer - a name with a great reputation - worldwide

Based in the town of Raamsdonksveer in Holland, over three decade’s of experience, passion and craftsmanship come together to produce the finest range of decorative wood sheets and boards specialising in colour, texture and pre-lacquered finishes.

Be inspired by the enormous choice of different wood species veneers that the Leeuwenburgh Fineer range has to offer.

Lignapal defines the best in real wood veneers and finest lacquer finishes.

Production excellence

Wood veneer leaves are sliced from the log with great accuracy. Each veneer leaf is unique in figure and colour. After expert selection, the leaves are spliced together to form large sheets (305x122cm) and pressed with a phenolic backing for strength.


Further processes involve staining, sanding and brushing to the various article specifications, producing both traditional and contemporary designs and finishes.
Matching 1.5mm thick wood pre finished edgings, are also available for the perfect finish.


Custom veneer selection and specialized colour processes produce uniformity and consistency; unique in design or across client project specifications.


The experienced specialist people at Leeuwenburgh know the natural appeal of wood - warmth, depth & lustre - every leaf unique. they use they experience to enhance these natural characteristics to produce beautiful wood veneers and finishes. using a durable prefinished veneer is an efficient and effortless way to achieve a high quality end result.


Lignapal defines the best in real wood veneers and finest lacquer finishes.

We recommend that you request a sample before placing an order.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a particular item, need samples or advice on Leeuwenburgh Decorative Surfaces.