Laver Timber Systems (LTS)
Laver Timber Systems

Laver Timber Systems (LTS) - Arnold Laver's Engineered Products Division - offers design, manufacture and technical support on every aspect of timber engineering for both domestic and commercial properties.

The entire manufacturing process of LTS products is carefully controlled and monitored from the selection and treatment of raw materials, through precision machining and fabrication, to prompt delivery on site anywhere in the UK. We can even undertake installation if required, so we really do provide a total quality service.


LTS has an established partnership with Steico, and can supply the following products, including:

Plus our own LTS brand trusses and infills.

Spandrel Panels

Spandrel panels are supplied as fire and sound rated timber frame panels, made to the profile of the roof. They remove the need to build up masonry party walls into the roof space and can therefore save weeks on a build programme. Supplied with built-in lifting straps they are installed alongside the trusses to form a fully compliant dividing wall.

Manufactured from a range of materials including plywood, OSB and plasterboard, the panels can be filled with solid-slab insulation and fire-treated as required.

Engineered Products and the Environment

At Arnold Laver, environmental issues are important to us. We are pleased to say that our engineered products meet our high standards in this area.

When producing the engineered joists, an efficient process and reduced wastage mean that only 1/3 of the quantity of trees is harvested when compared to traditional timber methods.

The joist manufacturing process is also environmentally efficient, minimising water usage and recycling waste wood. The timber species used in the manufacturing process is abundantly available and sustainable, being self-rejuvenating and extremely fast growing, thus absorbing more CO2 greenhouse gases in the process.

Our suppliers implement regular 'forest environmental quality' reviews to ensure that all sources of timber are managed to acceptable environmental standards.