KOTA™ MDF Mouldings
KOTA™ MDF Mouldings

KOTA™ is the latest innovation in MDF mouldings. The award-winning KOTA™ range comes fully finished and requires no painting.

Unique to KOTA™ is the application of advanced Eastman Cerfis™ Technology to create interior mouldings with a smooth and silky, ready-painted finish. The coating technology allows KOTA™ products to be as tough as they are elegant.

With KOTA™, the installer improves procedural efficiency significantly, reducing time and cost.

KOTA™ gives you the perfect finish, every time.

KOTA™ for House Builders

KOTA™ brings you an innovative range of finished MDF mouldings that are fast, convenient and offer the house builder significant cost savings. KOTA™ mouldings can be applied after walls have been fully painted and the floor has been laid.

This step change in procedural efficiency saves time and saves money.

DIY applications

KOTA™ provides an ideal decorative moulding solution for the DIY enthusiast. KOTA™ can be easily installed and provides an attractive, elegant finish to any room.

As there is no need to paint KOTA™ it saves you time and money. Once the skirting and architrave is on that’s it - job done.

Request KOTA™ for your next home build or DIY improvement project. The benefits and savings will be all yours.

For further information on KOTA™ MDF Mouldings, download the brochure or email kota@laver.co.uk

Buy KOTA™ MDF Mouldings from Laver Online (KOTA™ approved UK retailer).