Huet Doors - Acoustic

Huet enjoy one of the highest levels of acoustic rating for a timber doorset on the market today, with 51 Rw dB rated doorsets performs to the levels required in music rooms, recording studios, television studios and sports auditoria.

  • Supreme Performance: 51 - 55 Rw dB rated
  • High Performance: 45 - 47 Rw dB rated
  • Medium Performance: 35 - 42 Rw dB rated
Over 65 years of expertise in acoustics allows Huet to supply a high-performance range of doorsets with some of the thinnest door leafs available. There is a choice of acoustic doorsets, rated from 29 Rw dB to 55 Rw dB, meaning that there is a product to match any requirement.

As well as providing a standard timber frame we are also able to provide a number of acoustic timber doors within a metal frame to suit both plasterboard and solid wall partitions.

For the education sector there is a variety of doors and finishes to choose from, including laminates, veneers and vision panels.

All the door-leafs have substantial hardwood stiles on all four edges.