Finsa is the oldest chipboard and MDF manufacturer in the Iberian Peninsula. Finsa manufactures a wide variety of wood-derived products, including MDF and chipboard.

Using engineered wood boards in your projects has many benefits.

Finsa's Studio Natur Collection

This combines organic classical tones and elegant Italian high-end inspired design, featuring a range of natural and vintage oaks to sophisticated warm walnuts and eucalyptus with versatile surface uses for your next project.

Customers we supply to include:

• Hotel & Leisure Sector
• Architects and Specifiers
• Property Developers
• Shopfitters
• Kitchen Manufacture
• Furniture Manufacture


Superpan combines the main advantages of both MDF and chipboard panels. Its outstanding mechanical and physical properties make Superpan a highly versatile panel, highly appropriate for multiple applications. When coated with melamine, it provides perfect cutting, significantly reducing surface chipping and increasing tool service life.

Its smooth surface and compact wood fibre make Superpan an appropriate product for a wide variety of decorative coatings: lacquering, painting, printing, thermo-laminate, finish-foil, digital printing.

Classification P2: indoor use in dry environments, and E1: low formaldehyde contents.


COMPAC PLUS is a compact medium density fibre board, ideal for indoor uses where there are high and persistent moisture levels.

Its density is above 1000 kg/m3. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties, such as  resistance to traction, resistance to bending, modulus of elasticity and  resistance to impact. All these properties, along with its stability, make COMPAC PLUS a unique and high quality product which is also decorative, easy to machine, cut and drill.

E1 classification: low formaldehyde content.

surfaces allow coatings with different materials, such as melamine, high pressure laminate, and natural wood veneer.

Especially recommended for indoor uses: sports furniture, lockers, benches, WC divisions or wall hanging toilets (with no contact with the floor), doors, wall cladding, labs, hotels, office equipment.