ASD Laminates
ASD Laminates

ASD Laminat is one of the biggest factories in the wood industry with 4 impregnation lines, 2 CPL, 3 HPL lines and 28,000,000sqm of laminate production capacity a year in Turkey and Europe. 

ASD Laminate's Interior Compact Laminate is made from decor papers impregnated with phenolic resin and melamine resin.

These two papers are pressurized under 80 - 100 kg/cm² pressure and baked at 150°C-180°C for 70 minutes in order to form the compact laminate.

Range of Products 

​Backing Laminate
standard Laminate
Postforming Laminate
Metal Laminate
Writing Board Laminate
Chalky Board Laminate
Digital Laminate
Flooring Laminate
Pheonolic Laminate
3D Effect Laminate
Holographic Laminate
Colorcore Laminate
Standard Compact Laminate

A range of ASD Laminates decorative surfaces are available from Arnold Laver. Contact us to request a sample.