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Accoya® is setting new standards in the timber industry. Manufactured through an innovative, non-toxic acetylisation process, this wood species offers unparalleled performance characteristics, competing with even the finest tropical hardwoods.

Class 1 Durability

Accoya® offers 50 to 60 years of external life expectancy, even without surface coatings. This makes it the ideal material for exterior cladding, where it extends the lifespan of surface coatings for up to 10 years.


With a consistent manufacturing process, Accoya® wood is the perfect substrate for various stains, lacquers, and paints.

Features and Benefits

As the world's leading technology wood, Accoya® offers dimensional stability ensuring any coating applied lasts longer. It requires low maintenance and resists fungal attacks, delivering an extended service life.


With a 50-year service life above ground and 25 years below ground or in fresh water, Accoya® is virtually rot-proof. Endorsed by TRADA, its minimum service life is an impressive 70 years.

Why use Accoya®?

Source from FSC-certified sustainable sources, Accoya® wood boasts Cradle to Cradle™ Gold certification from the prestigious MBDC organisation. It excels in demanding applications like windows and doors, as well as cladding and decking, where both aesthetic and performance matter.

Benefits of using Accoya

Accoya has gained strong credibility through extensive testing conducted worldwide from various perspectives. Over the course of many years, numerous tests have been carried out in real-life scenarios. The reliability of Accoya is such that scientists have consistently employed it as the standard against which other treatments and modified timber products are evaluated.

Key benefits include: 

  • Warranted for 50 years above ground, surpassing even teak. Giving you peace of mind your project will last for decades.
  • Warranted 25 years in ground and/or freshwater giving you peace of mind Accoya will last for decades.
  • Tested and trusted not to visibly swell, shrink or distort, with minimal actual movement.
  • Withstands the test of time in all climates.
  • You can expect to enjoy your Accoya wood for many decades to come with a 70 year minimum service life stated by timber trade body TRADA.
  • Highly resistant to insect attacks and damage as Accoya is indigestible by a wide range of pests and insects (including termites), resulting in an effective barrier to attack.
  • The ideal choice for even extreme climates.
  • Accoya’s stability ensures there will be far less risk of problems arising at installation, or in the future.



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