Tingdene Parks Limited are a leading manufacturer of off-site park home construction in a purpose-built factory under controlled conditions


Tingdene provide luxury park homes to their clients and walk them through all the key stages involved in designing the layout of their dream home, from choosing all the fixtures and fittings, to letting them watch their home being built in the factory, making it a fun and enjoyable experience.



The process of off-site manufacturing in an efficient and timely manner is of paramount importance to Tingdene, who take great pride in ensuring a clients’ dream home is built and delivered with efficiency and without delay.


Tingdene were faced a key challenge when an industry shortage of plywood, used for the packing and lining of the park home exterior walls, meant that production of the park homes would be compromised and not completed on time unless an alternative product was sourced.



Tingdene commissioned the support of the Terry Palmer, Regional Director & Category Manager for Decoratives & Sheet Materials for the Arnold Laver Group. Terry and the team at Oldbury worked closely with the Arnold Laver supply chain network and presented a solution which not only allowed for scheduled projects to be completed on time, but also a continuity of supply of a better-quality and a more durable product alternatives.


When faced with product challenges, material shortages, increasing costs, Arnold Laver have helped with substitute products and value engineering without compromising build quality.


Luke Wilkins, Operations Director at Tingdene quoted “We have a great partnership with the Team at Arnold Laver. Terry is a key part of the Tingdene family and has and a great sounding board for our design team and will find solutions to almost any timber related problem we have.”


Luke added: “Lavers understand our business model and our business needs, which is hard to find when partnering with a timber specialist. An example of their dedication to supporting our business needs is their suggestion to us to invest in a CNC machine to groove our boards used for wall and ceilings, the investment alone has resulted in an average cost saving of £200,000 per year to the business. We previously had the boards fabricated externally via Lavers, but the CNC machine has been a fantastic investment leading to even greater cost savings.”