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Why we love …. Summerhouses

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17 March 2021

Summerhouses are currently very on-trend. This year, perhaps more than any other, summerhouses will come into their own in any sized garden or outdoor space. 

Is this the one occasion when indoors can give us more options on being outdoors? We think it is. Not only are summerhouses the perfect place for respite from the heat of the midday sun or a rain shower, they are also a super focal point for the garden. Plan that barbecue and don’t worry if clouds gather – you can retreat to the summerhouse! A quick tip: don’t downgrade your summerhouse as a storage area for sunloungers (we have a range of sheds for that!) but grab the chance to make a summerhouse a glorious focal point for your outside space and reap the rewards this summer. 

Flat pack to Full On

At Arnold Laver, our portfolio of Forest Green garden products includes everything you need, and didn’t know you needed, to make your outside space tidy, useful, private, comfortable, safe and delightful. Summerhouses can add the ‘delightful’ element – that’s hard for a shed to do, as that certainly comes under tidy and useful. Think summerhouse, think long summer evenings, a chance to catch the last rays of sun, or a cosy place to watch the summer rain extinguish your barbecue as you toast the British weather! Brilliant! We’ve thought of a few ways to get the best from your summerhouse and ensure it does just what you want.

Rest Easy

Our summerhouse comes in treated timber and, as with all our timber, our environmental credentials apply so you can relax happy. With corner design, glazed double doors and angled glazed windows, our classic summerhouse maximises light coming in. It’s easy to construct with simple to follow instructions.

Plan Ahead

Choose where you want to locate your summerhouse, bearing in mind your views looking on to your summerhouse and back to the house.  A summerhouse can give the impression of distance even in smaller spaces.  You can’t go wrong constructing your summerhouse on one of our decking ranges – it adds extended seating space and can enhance a view.  Remember that even in winter, the summerhouse can add a viewpoint, so when the doors are closed you can still ensure your summerhouse is beautiful to look at, so don’t add any winter clutter.

On Trend

Depending on your summerhouses’ location, you could consider installing an electrical supply. This is a job for the experienced and qualified electrician – this is not the time to cut corners so be safe. They will install a SWA cable, or steel wire armoured cable, which will run from your house to your summerhouse. This is specially water and rot resistant as it will be buried under the surface of your lawn. 

You can decide whether you want sockets inside or out but plan ahead, understand what their uses will be as these will be appropriately water resistant, whether these are installed inside or out. When ordering your Arnold Laver summerhouse, please check with our knowledgeable depot staff on the potential of installing electricity – it’s vital to get it right. 

Light up the Colour

Fairy-lights are a brilliant way to give your summerhouse some relaxing light – perfect to drink to and create a chill out zone. They also look pretty from the house. If you can’t have an electrical supply or decide against it, then specialist outdoor fairy-lights using battery or solar, are an easy way to get the ambience you’re looking for. We love solar fairy-lights as you can leave them on all night and they’ll automatically recharge during the day – don’t forget to leave your charger pad in a sunny spot! We also love battery operated hurricane lights or battery operated candles too – placed on a table with two chairs, or on the decking, you know these are safe and secure.

Remember to keep a store of glasses and crockery in the summerhouse if you can, and go plastic when there’s a group of you – there’s a range of colourful plastic sets that will fit the bill and look beautiful.

Go for it

Fully lit in whatever form you love, then now’s the time to add colour to day time. We love the Moroccan theme of brightly coloured floor cushions and pouffes, colourful Kilim-style rugs – one or more to add variety and colour – bunting and flags. You can even think about staining or painting your summerhouse, inside and out. Add curtains, ornaments and bring it alive with climbing plants from pots or planters on your decking. There are multiple ideas to make your summerhouse your own. There’s only one job left to do – chill those drinks, relax and enjoy!

For more information on all our Forest Garden products, click here and enjoy the summer as you never have!


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