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Why composite is king

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5 October 2022

Composite ‘timber’ has become a fantastic go-to material for domestic and commercial customers.  At first glance, it’s almost impossible to differentiate between traditional wood and composite, but there are a number of benefits that might suit your project - large or small.

Why We Love Composite

At Arnold Laver, we have a wide range of composites from which to choose, whether you’re adding decking or cladding.  Our in-depot teams are up to speed on the type of composite that would suit your needs, and can offer excellent advice on the fitting system to help you get the job done, neatly, simply, and successfully.

What are the Benefits of Composite?

If you’re looking for a look to last, then composite is for you.  It’s low maintenance and easy to fit.  We provide the fittings you need, for decking or cladding, giving you the confidence that you’ve done a good job.  Available in different thicknesses, our HD Pro decking boards are ready-shaped for a variety of uses, such as edges, corners and fascias. No measuring and sawing so you save time and effort.  Composite cladding is just as easy to fit, with clever shapes to fit snugly under rooflines, around corners and keep the job simple.  Measure what you need, and check in with our team to ensure you’ve got it covered.  

Natural timber changes colour over time, reacting to environmental factors such as water and sun.  If you don’t want that evolution, then composite is for you.  With enduring colour and quality, composite is brilliant for those hard to access areas such as upper floors on external walls.  With composite you know that maintenance is at a minimum and you can retain the look for the foreseeable.  Your composite surface won’t bleach or crack whatever the weather throws at it and composite is great for those areas that get everything thrown at them.  Be ladder free with composite and keep that flawless finish!

Our composite material also adheres to our stringent sustainability standards.  Made from a mixture of wood fibre, plastic and binding agent, this material is denser and stronger than natural timber, and you can rest easy thanks to our environmental commitment.  All our composite material is easy to clean, so if you’re looking at decking or cladding potential mossy areas, or heavy use areas, then composite won’t need the use of chemicals and heavy duty scrubbing.

Get the Look, Keep the Look

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