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Why choose wood?

There’s a reason why wood has been the preferred building material for eons. It’s strong, versatile, and so long as it’s sustainably grown, it’s a constantly replenished supply that can be grown all over the world.  Today, wood remains a key component in the construction industry and has additionally evolved into clever timber products that further benefit buildings globally.  What’s vital about this wonder product (and our peace of mind) is that its supply is sustainably managed.  

We all want reassurance that the wood we use in construction comes from a managed source.  This management further benefits our environment, so it’s important we understand that timber should not be harvested through destructive deforestation, but through careful management, replenishment and harvesting at just the right time. That’s the wood we want to supply and the wood we all want to use.

Quick Facts: What’s Good About Wood

Wood, its harvesting, transportation and processing, uses the lowest amount of energy in comparison to other building materials, such as concrete, steel or aluminium, and it’s processing emits the lowest emissions.  It is a fantastic insulation product, naturally or processed, and, as we all know, a building that is better insulated is a more environmentally sound construction.  It’s durable and versatile – there is a reason why timber-framed buildings hundreds of years old are still admired today – and whether it’s on show, or integral to your construction project – wood remains a fantastic building material.  Lastly waste wood from processing is a superb ingredient in timber products. As little as possible is wasted, it’s a wonder product that keeps on giving!

Forests are good for us

Most importantly, the growth of wood and its resultant forests are ecological habitats that add value to our worlds, wherever we are. Growing trees helps with soil erosion and reduces the risk of flooding. We are know that our landscape can suffer from unmanaged wood removal and these managed forests are often vital to our environment.  Trees are a key part of our ecological equilibrium.  

With global climate change at the forefront of all of our minds, managed forests are valued as excellent ecological managers of our world.  As we all appreciate, trees intake carbon, and release oxygen as part of the photosynthesis process. The more certified timber that is used in construction, the more wood is in demand, which will lead to more successfully managed forests across the world.  Doing it right is key, and it also makes good business sense.

What wood to choose

There is a raft of wood species that work well in construction.  The softwood pine is a popular building material and pines are known to process more carbon than hardwood over comparable timeframes. At the time of harvest, their ability to absorb carbon decreases so their harvest does not limit carbon processing.  Young trees, processing carbon anew, are being planted constantly.

There are additional benefits to harvesting these softwood forests.  In unmanaged forests, old trees die and rot, thereby releasing carbon. By harvesting trees at the optimum time, the stored carbon is not released into the atmosphere, and carbon capture is not hindered before its natural decline.  Extraordinarily, a tonne of carbon is stored in every metre cubed of timber, so the constant replenishment of young and growing softwood trees is good for us all.


Our Grown in Britain licence demonstrates our commitment to the purchase and promotion of home-grown timber from within Britain.  Arnold Laver is part of the National Timber Group, shares the Grown in Britain chain of custody licence, enabling British grown timber and wood products in our ranges to be identified and promoted. We want to pass on to our customers the pride and assurance on where this wood is sourced. It’s not just about protecting the environment for our own resources. This has never been more important in these post-pandemic times; the need to support local employment, and thereby contribute to hard working communities in our country.

We continue to spearhead our procedures on waste management and reduction, pollution prevention, recycling materials, carbon emissions reduction and improving transport efficiency. We’re also continuing to control noise emissions for our people, customers and neighbours, promoting health and safety, fundraising and being proactive within our communities. Using Grown in Britain wood benefits us all, but sourcing carefully from wider afield can bring us benefits too.

Why would I choose Accoya if it’s Hardwood?

AUnderstandably, we all love going local whenever possible. However, the UK’s demand for timber out-strips the home-grown supply. Arnold Laver uses its global status through Arnold Laver to target wood supplies that adhere to our strict standards on sustainability. Illegal logging and the slow growth of hardwood trees mean that successful replenishment to meet demand is not just unsustainable, but often not in-line with our environmental credentials. There is a solution. Accoya is a timber product derived from sustainably sourced softwoods, predominantly using the Radiata Pine, a faster growing tree that can be successfully harvested – meaning the forest’s growth and harvesting is in tandem so trees are constantly replenished.

Accoya replaces the need for tropical hardwoods, thereby decreasing the demand which benefits us all globally, and the hardwearing qualities of Accoya make it one of the most innovative and sustainable timber products on the market. All Accoya is compliant with the United Kingdom Timber Regulation (UKTR) and European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) as well as the USA’s Lacey Act, and therefore, responsible production is guaranteed. Our strict certification means all the timber we supply comes from FSC® certified forests. Accoya is a win for us all and for the environment

So how are we doing with the sustainability challenge?

 Let us shoulder this responsibility. Our environmental principles are at the forefront of all we do and you can be reassured that we do our very best to give you the best. Certainly the global pandemic has thrown up challenges to maintaining sustainability. As part of a major UK national timber group, we not only benefit from the group’s buying power, but we continue to work hard to bring you the highest environmental standards on wood supply as possible.

Certification shows that we’re serious about our environmental ethos, so for more information, check out our shared group credentials here. Reassured? You can be confident that we’ve done the thinking and checking of our timber suppliers for you. Are you inspired to get building, then think about your timber products. We certainly have. To find out more, visit our website and remind yourself why you can trust Laver.

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