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What is WISA plywood?

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19 April 2022

Life of Plywood 

Timber products such as plywood panels are integral to every building project. Used extensively by large multi-project construction companies, as well as those working on smaller commercial and domestic buildings, plywood panels are fundamental to today’s construction. WISA UPM is a new innovative plywood that provides a range of exceptional plywood panels for construction and formwork panels which work across a diverse range of construction and technical needs. Sustainably produced, we’ve chosen to supply these flexible panels based on their high quality performance, tailormade components and as a one stop shop answer to every panel application.  

Know Your WISA® 

Find out more about why we love this plywood here or read on for a quick summary of options on offer to our customers. WISA UPM have created a plywood panel to fit with all your needs. Proud to supply, Laver offers a terrific range to suit: WISA-SpruceFR, a fire retardant panel, retains its technical properties, and is a great base product across a range of construction projects. Good for structural uses and load bearing structures. WISA-SpruceWR is water repellent with a breathable coating so panels can dry freely and WISA-form Elephant, a birch plywood with plastic composite coating, is perfect for concrete shuttering, and it’s hardwearing coating gives you exceptional results again and again so perfect for rental or re-use – that’s sustainability at its zenith. WISA-Form BirchMBT is coated plywood with MBT standing for Moisture Barrier Technology for use in concrete framework. The moisture control minimises ripple on the panel surface for a smooth look, and with coating on both sides, and sealed edges, this panel is still brilliant for re-use. For seamless concrete surfaces WISA-Form Maxi Birch combines qualities from the Birch WISA-Form with the maxi size range making it a great choice for bespoke projects. WISA-Form Birch is a household name in form-working. Perfect for a range of uses, and as a super-strength plywood panel, there’s no wonder the construction industry loves to use this range. WISA-Form MDO is light weight is easy to handle and the panel gives a consistent matt finish to a concrete surface. Laver has you covered for every plywood panel need!

Which WISA®? 

Not sure which WISA® is for you? With the array of plywood panels on offer, there’s no wonder you could probably do with some additional advice on which panels would work for you. So, with the knowledge that whatever you choose you’re good to go across the full range on sustainability credentials, fire retardancy and a top spec on functionality, why not ask our team for advice and find the right panel for you, your team, your company and your construction. Check out our website here and start the WISA® process.

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