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What is hardwood used for?

The versatility of hardwoods.

Do Hardwoods Float Your Boat?

We’re surrounded by hardwoods. In our homes, in our work places, hidden within our structures, or on show where every hardwood comes into its own. They are an integral part of our lives and have been for generations.  Not sure what a hardwood is? Then let us enlighten you with our in depth knowledge of what is and always has been a major player in our built surroundings.

Know your Accoya from your Sapele?

Originally used for boatbuilding, hardwoods from the UK, were chosen as hardwearing and resistant to distortion. Versatile to work with, these woods are both robust and beautiful. Prepared and treated in the right way, hardwoods do retain an excellent resistance to water and are perfect for a range of uses. Now the world is our oyster, and hardwoods can be sourced from around the globe across a multitude of colourways, grain patterns and finishes.

At Arnold Laver, we can supply what we think is the widest range of hardwoods in the UK. If we don’t have it in stock, we can source it. We do sustainable so you can be reassured that your wood is ethical and sourced from suppliers who achieve our high standards, supplied from their locations to ours.

How to make Hardwoods Work in your Home

Hardwoods provide a fantastic range of colours, forms and finishes. Of course, there are practical uses, such as marine construction, cladding and structural work, but many are beautiful and provide a brilliant material if you’re feeling creative.

Cherry wood is perfect for fine joinery, such as musical instruments and cabinetry, with a smooth texture and beautiful finish.

Maple can make a really stunning, hardwearing kitchen surface

European oak works really well as flooring and Sycamore and Tulipwood can make cabinetmaking a real pleasure.

We shouldn’t expect to start constructing our own stringed instrument, although many of these woods are perfect for this kind of finer work, but if you’re thinking of re-topping your kitchen cabinets, why not choose a hardwood and make it yourself? Need a new coffee table for your living room? Make it yourself and get the self-satisfaction of being creative.

Sapele and Sweet Chestnut are great woods for stairs and stairs are fast becoming a key feature in our homes.

Hardwoods often produce a gorgeous grain that can be a key feature of your pieces and the grain can be enjoyed anywhere. The finish is very much part of the joy of these pieces, and their durability is excellent.

Feeling inspired?               

For more information on the Arnold Laver hardwood ranges, and recommendations on best uses download our PDF guide here or

visit our Hardwoods page

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