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What are the benefits of anti-slip decking?


Stays safe, whatever the weather

When you are choosing decking, you will have a lot to think about, from your budget to the look you want to achieve. Safety may not be the first thing on your mind. However, anyone who has experienced wet, slippery decking will know how important it is.

Despite its many benefits, traditional decking has one major disadvantage: it becomes dangerously slippery when it’s wet. And that’s a major problem, particularly here in the UK where decking can make a garden a no-go area for much of the year. Algae and rotting leaves can also make decking notoriously slippery.

Gripsure anti-slip decking stays safe, even in wet or icy weather.



  • Easy to install

One of the reasons decking remains so popular is that it quickly and easily transforms a garden. Compared to laying a patio, garden decking is relatively straightforward to install. However, make sure you understand what is involved and consider hiring a professional builder to install your deck if you are unsure. Here are some tips to help you install Gripsure non-slip decking.

  • Timeless natural beauty

Wood has a timeless natural beauty. As well as being aesthetically stunning, high quality anti-slip timber decking will also feel good underfoot and bring a natural atmosphere to your garden.

You will be faced with many options when considering garden decking. Do your research to make sure you choose timber that meets your needs in terms of aesthetics, durability and environmental sustainab.

  • Adding value to a property

Garden decking is often a very smart investment. Because it creates a more usable living space, property experts say it can add up to 10 percent on the value of a home. And according to Online Mortgage Advisor, a timber deck can give you a staggering 82.8% return on your investment. This is good news if you are not sure how long you will stay in your current home.

It goes without saying that decking disasters, done on the cheap without proper planning, will not add value to a property. Choose high quality non-slip timber decking and make sure it is properly installed to achieve the best result.

  • Low maintenance

A deck is ideal for a low maintenance garden that fits with a busy lifestyle. Once you have installed your decking you should be able to enjoy it for years to come. Unlike a lawn, there’s no mowing and it should need less cleaning than a patio.

Although Gripsure non-slip decking is easy to maintain, it is important to follow a few basic steps to keep it looking stunning. Regularly sweeping your deck with a stiff brush will help clear excess leaves and dirt, while an annual pressure wash will shift more stubborn dirt and algae. Taking precautions, such as using rubber feet on garden furniture and sitting plant pots on trays to collect water, will help sustain the life of your garden decking.

  • Cheaper than paving

Of course, prices of paving slabs and decking boards vary enormously. However, on average it costs less to build a deck than a patio.

Remember that cheap does not always mean good value. Choosing the lowest priced decking boards might save you money initially but could cost you more in the long term if they need to be replaced.

Choosing non-slip decking will also give you more value out of your outdoor space. Because it does not get slippery in wet or icy weather, anti-slip decking will help you enjoy your garden all year round.

  • It can be the environmentally friendly option

We are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the choices we make for our gardens. For many, sustainability will be a key factor in choosing landscaping materials.

Timber decking can be a far more environmentally sustainable option than other landscaping products. However, if you want to make the right choice for the environment, ask your potential decking supplier about their timber. Is it PEFC and FSC certified? Which wood species is it made from? And where are the boards manufactured?

At Gripsure we are passionate about working in an ethical and sustainable way for the long-term benefit of the environment. We source timber from sustainable forests and operate under the industry flagship standards of FSC and PEFC. All our decking boards are crafted by our dedicated team here in Cornwall.

We are proud that our decking is used by many environmental pioneers including Kew Gardens, the Eden project and Edinburgh Zoo.

  • Suitable in any garden

From the smallest courtyard to a country estate, decking has a place in any garden. Whether yours is small, a funny shape or on a slope, chances are there’s a deck to suit it.

Decking boards are far easier to cut than paving slabs so a deck can generally be built to fit in any space. And whatever your taste, there’s more variety than ever when it comes to choosing decking. You might want dark or light wood, grooved boards or flat.

  • Durable and long-lasting

Your decking should provide you with many years of outdoor enjoyment. Anti-slip boards made from strong, high quality timber, such as European redwood pine or bamboo, are extremely durable and, with the right installation, fixtures and fixings (as well as a little care) will be long lasting.

Because we are so confident in the quality of Gripsure non-slip decking, our boards come with a 10-year warranty on their non-slip performance and an expected service life of 15 to 20 years.

The Timber Decking and Cladding Association has some great advice in choosing long-lasting timber decking.

  1. Ideal for outdoor living

Despite the practical considerations of cost and installation, most of us choose decking simply because we want to enjoy our gardens more. A deck instantly creates an outdoor living space that’s perfect for al fresco dining, entertaining friends and relaxing with loved ones.

As we all learn to adapt to the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, it’s hard to exaggerate the benefits of having a space that allows you to live well outdoors. Perhaps the main reason why decking is so popular is that we all want to get more out of life – and that includes getting more out of our gardens.

While you may be dreaming of hot, sunny days enjoying your deck with family and friends. However, the reality is that there will also be wet days and icy days when you need to step outside. That’s why non-slip decking is not just about meeting a safety need, it’s about making more of our gardens.

Find out more about gripsure’s range of decking available at Arnold Laver.

Gripsure Decking lifestyle shots for Homebase at Bluebells, Boswinger, Cornwall, Britain on 8 August 2016.

Gripsure Decking lifestyle shots for Homebase at Bluebells, Boswinger, Cornwall, Britain on 8 August 2016.

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