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What are the advantages of Aluminium decking?

An alternative to timber decking with Aluminium

Celebrate the Little Things!

At Arnold Laver we celebrate all shapes and sizes, and this MyDek Delta 20 non-combustible decking system is a great way to get inspired about the potential of those smaller spaces.  It is aluminium decking slats that work brilliantly in small spaces, but in our opinion, they are great too in larger spaces! At the heart of its appeal is its lightweight and has a real quick-fit ability so perfect to get decking into those smaller spaces, such as balconies and roof terraces.

Stepping Out

Tired of stepping out to take in the rays to find your feet are not feeling the joy! Balconies can be slippery, hard to clean and tend to attract moss and leaves. These Delta 20 slats have concealed fixings and are coated with a Qualicast Class 2 power for anti-slip and a reassuring tread. They also brighten up a shady corner, or a balcony that spends most of the day out of the sun’s direct rays. They’re non-combustible achieving a Euroclass A2-s 1, d0 fire rating to give you confidence on what you’re installing whether that’s your own home, or on a commercial project.

Go Grey

Available in Anthracite Grey and Quartz Grey, these clever slats are so easy to install you can think creatively in the morning, and enjoy the results that evening. It’s a system that is a great alternative to traditional timber.

Plant pots look brilliant atop this decking and whether you’re a lover of the contemporary or the classic, aluminium decking is the way ahead. Easy to clean and with a 30 year, yes 30 year warranty, you won’t need to go through the process again for a while!

Our best recommendation for installation is on tricky balcony areas, roof terraces for that anti-slip confidence boost, and great for a modern look for that front door decking. We love this decking with plants overhanging and grass abutting the edge – and no need to worry about mossy dark corners. 

Our top tip for front door steps is planting bursts of lavender alongside the aluminium, so you can enjoy fragrance as you walk up to your front door, confidence on that first step on decking extended along the front of your façade, and either Anthracite or Quartz Grey look super against the dark petals of lavender and its paler green stems. Perfect. Alternatively, because the slats look bright and light on even the dullest days, you can opt for darker foliage as a contrast which you might have tended to avoid in darker areas. Whatever you choose to propagate, MyDek Delta 20 will give you years of enjoyment.

Want to know more about the new world of aluminium decking systems? Then check out MyDek Delta 20 and enjoy an easier life.

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