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Touchstone Luxury Flooring

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2 September 2021

Get Floored!

At Laver, we like to be ahead of the game and times are changing. Our home interiors are constantly being reviewed, we’re instantly inspired and our interior updates can be both simple and elaborate. Whether it’s a domestic project or commercial, our generation expects under floor heating, hard wearing surfaces that stand up to the rigours of busy lives and a choice of quality finishes that look good.

Touchstone Luxury Flooring

We offer products that will both inspire you and respond to demand. Natural looking flooring, but with the qualities of a composite, are integral to our flooring offer. Touchstone Flooring from Composite Prime, is a luxury flooring system in authentic wood grain and stone finishes. It’s a game-changer.

How to Think Like an Interior Designer

New flooring can bring a room to life. It’s one of the simplest ways to revamp a room, change its feel, use and longevity. The Touchstone finishes give you that natural look and feel, with matching trims for a complete look. The stone and wood finishes are great examples of a flexible look to give you a contemporary or traditional style – how you furnish the room determines the look, not the floor itself. With Touchstone you no longer need to worry about noise. With acoustic underlay, both the wood and stone effect flooring system can minimise sound reverberation. A hard floor no longer shouts cold feet, it looks the part, but adds the comfort. 

How do I decide which flooring is best?

Make sure you check a sample – put it against a kitchen island, under piece of furniture, alongside a door, or a skirting board. Check in both natural light and the lighting you will use when furnished. Check it day and night – it can make a huge difference. It’s even worth trying without socks! No need to worry about indentations from high heels, Touchstone is great for areas for all welcomes and hospitality. It’s resistance to water, means that you can consider a wood look for a kitchen or bathroom – a stone look works well too. It’s currently very popular to have a stone look in wet areas.

How to choose where’s best to lay flooring?

Smaller spaces tend to benefit to one flooring type throughout – it opens up areas and helps lead the eye from room to room. Larger spaces also look superb with a consistent flooring finish, but areas can be picked out with a mix and match. It helps delineate different uses for spaces in open plan. A warm wood finish for a relaxing, seating area – a stone look for wet and heavy use areas such as a kitchen, boot room and utility areas. Thinking about your upstairs? Originally an area saved for carpeting, the new wood and stone floors fit well, are creak free and easy to install. It’s easy to clean, hardwearing and warm. Think beyond the stairs!

For all our flooring options, check out Laver Flooring and see what works for you. Enjoy the process of choosing, it can only be the right choice!

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