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Timber Treatments

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21 November 2022

We’re not sure what the Arnold Laver of the 1920s would have thought of our 21st century timber treatment processes to give our wood and timber products the preservative and fire-retardant requirements that we now demand, whether that’s for the construction industry or our domestic customer. Today all our customers expect us to provide the very best in pre-treatments for timber used indoors and outdoors and our technology enables us to reassure you that our processes are truly out of this world.

High Pressure Treatments, Captain

Blinded by science? Simply put, we operate our own treatments on our wood, managed by Arnold Laver personnel, so we’re sure it’s done just right.  Preservative pressure treatments significantly extend the service life of timbers, protecting all forms of wood against decay and insect attack.  The latest treatments are TANALITH™ and VACSOL™ Aqua wood preservatives with high pressure (TANALITH) or low pressure (VACSOL) impregnation processes. We’ve put together a YT video to show you the process – check it out here High Pressure Timber. Timber can be impregnated with colour or left clear so the colour is natural and there are some handy hints on ensuring the further protection of your wood, whether it’s the bones of a build, or on view to enjoy.

Treatments: But Not as We Know it

‘Use Classes’ are key to ensuring your treated wood is used in the right way, in the right place. There are four ‘Use Classes’ to help us get it right for you; from UC1 which is good for internal upper floor joists to UC4 for direct soil or water contact such as fence posts. It all seems perfectly logical.

The Final Frontier

We offer a choice of tried, tested and proven fire retardant treatments for timber and board products, for your confidence and wherever fire protection is required by Building Regulations.

Sentrin FRX is not a satellite of the Starship Enterprise, but a renowned fire retardant delivered by a pressure impregnated with a leach resistant (Type LR) exterior grade fire retardant formulation. Timber is processed under ISO9001 controlled factory conditions for performance and long lasting protection without additional maintenance even when the wood is exposed to weather. Sentrin FRI has all of the above, plus the timber has been pressure impregnated with a humidity resistant, high temperature fire retardant formulation (Osmose FirePRO). Treated timber meets the requirements of national Building Regulations where Euroclass B or C are required and will significantly reduce the spread of fire, heat generation and smoke generation. The wood retains engineering properties such as strength, durability, corrosivity and (here’s the science bit) hygroscopicity – which basically means moisture absorption.

Confused? Don’t be …

At Arnold Laver, our team is always on hand to advise and our employees are trained to help you should you need help navigating the galaxies of treatment processes.

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