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Timber Formwork for Construction

Helping to form the nation's construction

Timber formwork continues to grow in popularity, especially for large complex construction projects. Arnold Laver is a key supplier in providing all that you need to get the quality and look that your client is after. We’re also working hard to ensure we only supply products for successful formwork that achieve the highest standards in sustainability. You get the functionality with peace of mind and you get it right, first time.

Choices, choices, choices

Who knew 50 years ago that formwork would be such a popular method of concrete construction? Who knew too that there would be such a range of plywood panels?

At Arnold Laver, we offer and retain in stock a wide range of panels.  Projects wait for no man, so we ensure we foster a reliable supply chain that has the products ready when you want them. We work in partnership with WISA-Form plywood. Their panel boards are a quality offering and a certified sustainable product. A go-to panel board, these boards provide:

  • a range of looks for your concrete formwork
  • tailor-made to your specifications for those complex projects
  • have good load bearing properties
  • excellent strength to weight ratio
  • easy to clear for easy re-use

We’ve cherry-picked some of our favourite products and for our full range, check out Arnold Laver Formwork

WISA Form Range


The WISA-Form range is extensive.  WISA-Form Elephant, is just as it says – tough and strong – made from birch plywood, the panels come with wood plastic composite coating – great for concrete shuttering where a number of re-uses is essential.  These are good rentable panels as their life is prolonged thanks to the hardwearing coating.


The WISA-Form BirchMBT is coated with Moisture Barrier Technology on both sides and the edges – controlling the concrete’s moisture movement, minimising ripple so you can achieve a smoother end result, yet retaining good panel reusability. These panels are perfect for formwork used in harsher conditions.


The WISA-Form MDO, is spruce based and good for various formwork applications. It is lightweight panels makes it a versatile panel for handling, providing a consistent matt finish.


WISA-SpruceWR is a lightweight water repellent panel.  The barrier slows the rate of moisture penetration and at the same time allows the panel to breathe and dry freely.

Lean on Us

Not sure what plywood panel would work best for you? Then our in-depot teams know their stuff and can advise on the panel boarding that would suit your formwork project – projects large and small can benefit from our knowledge and experience. You can also request a sample so you know exactly how your formwork will look and so will your client.

With the environment top-most in our priorities as well, you know also it’s also a sustainable choice. Interested to know what might suit your concrete construction project?

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