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Thinking of cladding?

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14 September 2022

Always admiring new builds with cladding, or amazed by the improvement to an existing house that has gone down the partial clad route? We’re with you, and with more and more walls and houses being clad, whether it’s to cover unsightly brickwork or just give the building a contemporary look, it certainly draws the eye. Timberworld offers a comprehensive range of simple cladding options, with every fixing solution you might ever need, to make this look achievable for all skills levels.

Clad to Know You

As part of the Arnold Laver and Company Limited, we know our timber and we are constantly striving to find wood products and systems that work fantastically for our customers. We are also part of the National Timber Group, the largest independent added-value timber and distribution business in the UK. With 50 sites across the UK, we are within reach of our customers and our comprehensive range of products and knowledgeable on-site teams, mean we’re the go-to source of inspiration for your home and garden. Cladding is one of our big sellers and we have an extensive range to inspire you.

Clad to Add Value

Cladding a wall is an easy way to improve functionality or the look of your home. Adding value, improving insulation and protecting your home from the elements, with its easy maintenance, cladding is proving more and more popular. At Timberworld, we offer a range of clever one-stop-shop solutions for whatever aesthetic you’re looking to achieve. Our composite clad boards range in colour from carbon and slate to cedar brown and grey, so there will be a colour for you.

We have also thought through the technical fitting, and you can source from us every aspect needed to clad that unsightly wall, or create a 21st century look that will benefit your home. Our on-site teams can also advise you on every aspect of what your individual project might need, and with free local delivery on orders over £400, it couldn’t be simpler to get to work done just ahead of the winter.

Simple Solutions

Not every wall is a perfect rectangle and our fitting solutions take out the fear of corners and unusual shapes to give you that flawless look. Whether you’re a professional or a DIY amateur, we can take away any concerns about getting it wrong with our clips and strips, trims and buttons. There is a solution for every angle and Timberworld can help you get it right.

Permission to Clad

Not all changes and improvements to your home require permission, and cladding comes under the Permitted Development. It’s worth checking this out for your local area as it can vary, and in 2019, some of these rights changed. The team at Homebuilding & Renovating have put together a quick guide which is worth reviewing at Homebuilding planning Permission, but our advice is always to check with your local authority.   You can also visit your local planning portal here.

Still Wondering if Cladding is the Solution?

Call into one of our depots and talk to the experts. Now you’re considering cladding, you’ll be amazed by how many buildings and homes have benefited from cladding in some form or other, whether that’s in your neighbourhood, or further afield.

Check out our website for details and be clad to be inspired!

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