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These fences have the edge…

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6 October 2022

Feather edge panels or fencing is one of the most popular ways to border your property, provide privacy and shelter, and give you a frame around your garden. There’s a reason why feather edge is so popular, and versatility is at its core.

You will see a variety of feather edge fencing all over Britain: tall or short columns of overlapping wood, painted or natural. We offer two types of feather edge products: ready-made feather edge board fencing panels in various sizes for your convenience or single boards which need to be erected (with other products) into fences.

Panel Perfect

The beauty of feather edge panels is that they are strong and durable. Buying them ready made from our fencing range is convenient and will save you time on your project. Let us get you started so your valuable free time is just that! Where the boards overlap snugly, it enables you to border your garden securely so there’s no pet escape and keeps you private. These feather edge panels are best erected on level or stepped levelled ground, come with a protective capping and can be fitted with a gravel board for better security, also protecting the bottom edge of the fence from rotting. They are a super solution for a variety of uses and they needn’t just border your garden.

Hide unsightly bins with an additional panel, give additional privacy by erecting a panel inside of your entrance to shield the view from the open garden gate or use it to divide space in the garden to add interest and use as a plant support. Want an abundance of greenery over your fencing, then why not use trellis to add additional support to your climbers or ramblers? The snugger fit also means that plants such as brambles find it more difficult to push between the boards. Easy to construct, long lasting and whether painted, stained or left to evolve with the elements, your fencing can be as noticeable as you want it to be.

Board but not boring

If your property has uneven ground because you are on a slope or a hillside, or you have a larger boundary, then constructing your fence from our single feather edge green treated boards is right for you. At 16mm thick, our boards are available in 3 different lengths, giving you a choice of boundary heights either within or around your garden, creating privacy and security. Create your own bespoke fencing to suit you, get clever with the panels, or go simple and tailor your boards to fit your need.

Clever Clads

These boards are also versatile enough that you could even use them for cladding purposes. Why not clad a bespoke log store or a shed project as an alternative to shiplap? Get that consistent look around the garden, or make sure your log store looks just the ticket!

We’re a one-stop-shop for all things Feather Edged. Our panels and single boards are a great investment for the future: look after them well and they will reward you with their durability. Ask our experts to recommend what you will need in order to begin your feather edge project.

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