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Summer garden storage

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20 July 2021

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Garden storage is one of our favourite subjects. Not just because we stock a range of garden storage solutions which fit both pocket and design, but because storage is the new buzz word for our homes and there’s no reason why storage isn’t just as important outside as it is inside.

Reorganise and Renew

The old adage, a tidy house means a tidy mind, is just the same for a garden. There’s no end to items we need to help us retain our garden standards, whether we’re cultivating a large or small garden.

Never has our outdoor space been more important, and keeping gardens of all descriptions in trim is good for us – enjoying fresh air, getting fit and taking time in the great outdoors.

Our gardens, now extensions of our homes, are vital for as both spill-out and chill-out zones. Whatever your needs, your storage can be exactly that – purpose built, practical storage boxes and simple garden stores to keep garden implements, children’s garden toys and bikes, or dual-use garden structures which include summer-houses, green houses or even a log cabin.

Wood stores

Wood stores are fast becoming part of the look. Traditionally kept close to access to the wood burner, or stove, wood stores are now a feature in themselves and look terrific from the house too. Hard to imagine just a few years ago that a wood store would be such a garden icon. Going green can be an effort, but a wood store speaks volumes. Recently visiting a friend, I admired her wood store when she gamely admitted they didn’t have a wood burner or even a chimney, but loved the look!  We remain baffled, but couldn’t help but agree.

Choosing your Storage

Don’t wait until your garden implements are spilling out of your shed, or starting to take root in a corner of your garden. First think volume. What size do you need? Remember that the volume may need to increase over time, so don’t think too small.

Whilst our timber is treated, and resistant to whatever the weather might throw at it, you may want to consider plastic for those wetter, shadier areas. Plastic is easy clean and can be lighter to lift or open for little fingers if you’re storing bikes or toys. Or go shiplap for that traditional look, or think painted if it’s going to be an element within a view. Wood fits well within gardens and there is a diverse range of styles to choose from.  There’s no reason why garden storage can’t be practical and attractive.

Make it a feature, fill a greenhouse with flowers but pop your watering cans, spades and trowels on one side, go shed and create a hidey-hole for muddy boots, sun hats and gardening gloves saving that trek to the house, or go lockable and keep safe sharp implements and chemicals away from children, animals and direct sun! For all your storage options, including those that are genuinely useful and not just for show, check out our Forest Green brochure and see what suits you.

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