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Should I use composite or timber decking?

With so much choice for your new decking area, how do you decide?

The popularity of composite decking has increased hugely in recent years but, what is it and should I use timber or composite for my new garden decking?

A Deck to be Proud of

We offer one of the nation’s most comprehensive ranges of decking to bring your outside into the 21st century. It’s easy to extend your usable living space and create a haven you can be proud of. Decking is also a simple and value answer in comparison to building or repairing a patio, and our extensive ranges allow you to choose your decking to fit your vision and your budget.

Increasing your property value

According to a national mortgage lender, with outdoor space limited especially in the UK’s biggest cities, a well-designed deck can add up to 10% value to your home, as it extends a buyer’s perception of the amount of living space. According to experts, adding a wooden deck can lead to an 82.8% return on investment.* The good weather during lockdown has given many of us the opportunity to see our gardens in a different light and at Arnold Laver, we have a range of decking choices to make your outdoor space even more useable and attractive. Adding value is just an additional benefit.  Check out Laver Garden to see what suits your needs.

*Source: Online Mortgage Advisor April 2019

No splinters!

The Composite Prime decking includes a high percentage of wood to give you that natural wood look, with a polyethylene base ensuring it’s tough against the elements. No need to worry about warping. This is a great solution and it’s good for the soul, with all our composite decking made of 100% FSC® certified wood, recycled plastic, UV light absorbers and anti-oxidants. FSC certified means our wood achieves the Forest Stewardship Council standards and our HD Deck range will ensure your decking has a lifetime of 10 years.

If you want to be creative and enjoy 25 years of deck-life then the added protection and ‘capped’ design of the Deck Dual range gives you the chance to design your deck with contrasting colours on each side.  The HD Deck Fire is especially good for the construction industry with its B Fire Rating, and the HD Deck Pro offers extra wide boards for a premium feel, and it’s the only 200mm wide ‘capped’ composite decking in the UK, with added protection for an extra -life.

At one with nature with Timber Decking

Our softwood timber is Redwood, sustainably sourced, is machine and pressure treated to give you added protection.  A natural wood colour, the timber comes in a range of sizes and thicknesses to suit.  Our hardwood is Balau, a durable and hardwearing wood, providing excellent protection against the elements.   For that extra protection, choose our tantalised timber, pressure treated with clever technology to give the wood an effective long-term protection against fungal and insect attack.  Our processes uphold our environmental credentials, using recycled and biodegradable resources, so you can sit back and relax. Check our our timber decking ranges.

True Grip!

Our softwood Redwood  is used in our Anti-slip decking range. Each low-maintenance board is divided with two hardened aggregate non-slip infills to give you that added safety guarantee.  These deck boards are perfect for tricky areas such as paths and bridges, balconies, pool and play areas.  Safety first, but the decking retains a stylish feel with added reassurance for accessibility.

Which to choose?

If it’s longevity and a great guarantee then composite decking wins. If it’s on more of a budget and you prefer the look and feel of wood at your feet, stay traditional and go for timber decking; either way you wont be disappointed with the end result.

Feeling Inspired?

Check out our Forest Range.  Summer houses and green houses, trellis, fencing and gates, planters, seating and garden storage are all available online or in store.  Go on, go for it!

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