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Say no to slippy decking and bruised egos with Gripsure

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19 October 2022


We’ve all done it; we’ve all embarrassed ourselves slipping on wooden decking at some point in our lives and as a result we’ve all (probably) used some very choice Anglo-Saxon words (language, Timothy!).

You see, the thing with wooden decking is that when the air is damp it can become slippy and it doesn’t matter if it’s in your garden or the terracing at your local pub; losing your footing just isn’t funny and can be downright dangerous.








Here at Arnold Laver we love decking, who doesn’t? If it’s well designed and well maintained it gives a real lift to any garden and even more so when it’s adorned with plants pots and a bit of outside furniture. But as we’ve just mentioned, decking can be slippy; so what’s to be done, after all you don’t want to be wary of using your decking if there’s a touch of damp in the air?




The answer is simple, Gripsure timber decking – the clue is in the name! This anti-slip decking combines natural softwood with two hardened aggregate anti-slip infills to give a stylish looking terrace that’s safe and reliable and with a proven performance to help keep you on your feet.

The timber is machined and pressure treated, to give a professional and long-lasting finish. The aggregate is 1mm double washed and screened Guyana calcined bauxite, grey coloured and with a minimum PSV (that’s polished stone value) of 90, and a score in the range of 36 and above demonstrates a low potential for slip. And that’s obviously a good thing (but naturally, no decking can be guaranteed as completely non-slip.)







What’s the first thing that comes into your head when someone says to you that they’ve bought a shed? It’ll probably be that within days it’ll be a dumping ground for the lawnmower, the spade, the fork and the grass rake; maybe some garden furniture, and a bit dark on the inside.




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