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Revive your shed and sort out your summerhouse

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8 July 2021

The old adage that ‘men need sheds’ seems very outdated in these enlightened times. Sheds and summerhouses are for everyone and seemingly for everything! Those dusty spider-filled sheds with items that haven’t been used for eons are a thing of the past. Summerhouses packed to the hilt with old deck chairs, are evidence of days gone by! Wooden garden structures are now an extension of our living area with storage now a secondary use. Revive your shed we say and Hurrah for the outdoors – let’s celebrate all year round!

Raising the Bar

How many garden bars have appeared in our neighbourhoods? Sheds and summerhouses are now the ‘beach huts’ of suburbia. Whether you already have a shed or summerhouse already in situ and you want to extend its use, or you’re thinking of installing a shed or summerhouse for a multitude of uses, we have the lowdown on how to get the best from your shed. This fad for garden bars will outlast the pandemic – we’ve worked out it’s a great way to welcome friends and enjoy our gardens al fresco. Your garden space, whatever size, finally comes into its own.

Ringing in the Times

Our Forest Garden Sheds and Summerhouses come in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes. What is standard is quality. If you want to know how revive your shed or summerhouse, then why not try these clever ideas to bring your structure into the 21st century?

Revive your shed in 4 steps:

Step one: clear out all unwanted clutter – dependent on the size of your shed and your needs going forward, designate one area for storage and add cupboards or boxes to keep things away. Shelving is underrated – fix it up, fill it up and enjoy the additional floor space.

Step two: decide how you can best use your summerhouse or shed. Think seasonal uses; a respite from the hot sun and a sheltered area for a cool summer drink, a welcome sit-down to breathe in a smokey autumn evening while you take a breather from sweeping up leaves, or a snuggly warm seat with a welcome hot chocolate on a winter’s day while you watch to afternoon sun go down. Sheds offer a more enclosed space, so think what you want to use it for. An open door offers a view, whether you’re in a shed or a summerhouse.

Step three: Store warm blankets that can be left in your shed or summerhouse. Resist the temptation to clear it out every night – things need to be at hand and ensure you can avoid regular treks to fetch what you need. Make it convenient. Make it useable whatever the temperature.

Step four: Decorate and fill with goodies to ensure it’s a welcoming space.  Solar fairy lights are a great way to bring a warm feeling to your interior and bring in light. Just ensure you leave the charger outside to catch those rays. Solar lights knotted in a jar can also be left near your doors to light entry and give a really cosy feeling, looking good too from the outside, whether your summerhouse is being used or not. If you feel the urge to paint your interior or exterior, go for it then add bunting, a small table, good quality plastic cups and a comfy seat. Hooks screwed into your wooden interior, or affixed to shelves, can hold all those vital tools and we’re not talking a hammer – a bottle opener is officially the easiest item to lose!

Are you abuzz with ideas? Starting from scratch? Then check out our Forest Garden range and feel inspired. It’s time to re-think the humble shed and summerhouse all year round.

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