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Plan Your Dream Kitchen This New Year

If there’s one resolution that you really do carry out this year, make it that dream kitchen that you have been promising yourself since the start of the decade.

The new year is fast approaching, and so is that time when you vow to stick to your new year resolutions and good intentions. But how many will you actually stick to? If there’s one that you really do carry out this year, make it that dream kitchen that you have been promising yourself since the start of the decade. To help you get started, we are sharing our top six design tips to help you plan your dream kitchen.  


Possibly THE most important aspect to consider when planning your new kitchen, is considering what function you actually want it to serve. That might sound like a silly question, as the principle function of a kitchen is to cook. But over the years a kitchen has become so much more than that. It’s considered the heart of the home and a place where people gather and spend a lot of their time. Before even starting to plan your new kitchen, it is important to think about how you see yourself using the space. How will you make it work for you and your family or friends. Some things to consider are; how busy is your kitchen going to be? Besides cooking, what other daily activities do you like doing in the kitchen? Do you entertain in your kitchen? How much seating do you need? How much work space do you need? The list goes on. So, start by answering some of these questions to determine exactly what function your new kitchen will serve.


Another thing to consider when planning your kitchen is the flow of your work space. The work triangle is a time-tested guideline of kitchen design that will help you to plan out an efficient kitchen work space with clear traffic lanes. Your work triangle should connect from your cook-top, to your sink, to your refrigerator. To get really technical, according to guidance from the National Kitchen and Bath Association, each side of this triangle should be between 4 and 9 feet. This will allow you to reach your cooking, cleaning and food storage with ease, all while providing enough space between to avoid crowding.


Before determining the layout of your dream kitchen, you need to decide what kind of kitchen appliances you want to put in there. If you are a bit of a culinarian, you may want to opt for a cook top with more hobs. More of a baker, you might need a double wall oven. If you have a small kitchen, you may want to choose a small under the counter fridge. If you have a big kitchen, maybe you could have a double door American style fridge. The possibilities are endless. All of these options for appliances factor into the overall kitchen design. A designer can help you make choices about which type of appliances will be the best fit for your new kitchen.


To complement our kitchens, we have teamed up with some of the best kitchen appliance manufacturers, to bring you a range of standalone and integrated appliances. Our premium products from manufacturers including Neff and Bosch will add true style and function to your new kitchen.


Kitchen Splashbacks are an excellent example of how kitchen planning and interior design have become intertwined. What used to serve an entirely practical role, today the kitchen splashback is more of a statement piece. If you want to make a bold impression, a statement splash-back can add a certain wow-factor to your new kitchen. At Arnold Laver we have a brand-new range of splash-backs just in time for your new year project to make a great style statement behind your sink or hob area. The choices in our vista collection are all hard-wearing and practical and come in twenty fantastic designs, showcasing the best of current and upcoming trends. Browse through our splash-back brochure to be inspired by designs from geometric, bold print, vintage and inner-city chic.


While the cabinets will be the main style decision you have to make for your new dream kitchen, you mustn’t underestimate the impact that your worktop choice will have on the overall look and feel of the room. Our range of worktops include the Silkwood Solid and Engineered Worktops and the Verve Laminate Worktops. Silkwood range worktops are more than just a range of wooden worktops, they are pre-oiled and finished with a unique Silkwood surface that is ultra-smooth and highly resistant to moisture. The Verve Laminate Worktops include an extensive assortment of designs from classic to contemporary and from large scale marbles to rustic timbers.


The texture of your worktop can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of the surface, helping to create a realistic replication of the natural material. At Arnold Laver we have an impressive range of nine surface textures throughout the collection. Browse through our worktops brochures to find your perfect surface.


One of the main reasons people decide to renovate their kitchen is due to lack of storage space. Even the smallest kitchen can maximise their storage by using smart storage solutions. If you are someone that uses small appliances regularly, think about where an easy place would be to access them without using up too much worktop space. For appliances such as microwaves or toasters, consider creating an appliance garage with doors that retract. Alternatively you could consider having your microwave built into part of your cupboard space. Take advantage of less accessible spaces to house items that you use less regularly. Adding hidden doors under seating areas at an island to store your best silver cutlery and table-wear is a good use of space that isn’t best for everyday use.


At Arnold Laver we offer a range of products to a wide variety of tastes, from timeless and classic designs through to more modern styles. Have a look through our brochures linked above and if you see something you like, then just give us a call to talk to one of our product experts.

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