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Opening (Internal, external and fire) doors at Arnold Laver

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27 September 2020

A door that doesn’t fit, snags on opening and seems hard to pull shut, can colour your judgement on an entire build. Doors that don’t adhere to strict fire regulations are criminal. At Arnold Laver, we are good at doors – internal and external doors, commercial office doors, hotels and housing doors. We work with major hotel contractors and housing associations to smaller projects such as DIY extensions and your very first front door – we want to help you get it right. Imagine how vital it is to get doors right and safe when you need hundreds?

Intelligent Door Solutions

Our Intelligent Door Solutions are offered through our in-house Door Centres and it is our commitment on high quality service and product, from receipt of enquiry to delivery, which is reinforced through our accreditation to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard. 

The Arnold Laver Intelligent Doors service offers a wide range of doors across the commercial and housing sector. Our Door Centres carry out work to meet our customers’ specifications. We offer a range of materials, or can source your preferences, and we work to your timescales. Who wants to be waiting for their door delivery? 

We can provide most door sets, door and frame applications. Our Door Centres offer includes veneered doors, laminated doors with concealed or exposed lippings, paint grade doors, HTM 58 doorsets and timber glazed screens. Door frames can be MDF, foil-wrapped MDF, veneered or solid timber. We can make doors and door sets tailored to your requirements.  We’re so proud of our manufacturing process and our in-house manufacturing teams, we’ve even made a short video. For more information on our range of door sets and processes, check out Arnold Laver Doors & Door Sets. 

Safety First

Fully certified doors are available with fire ratings from FD30 – 120 and Acoustic door sets up to 44dB. We are certified to supply and manufacture complete door sets under the BWF Certifire Door set Scheme, which is the leading representative for fire door manufacturers. Visit the British Woodworking Federation Fire Door Alliance here for details. All our fire door sets manufactured by Arnold Laver Intelligent Door Solutions, are labelled or barcoded to ease traceability. Doors are tested at a UKAS accredited testing facility

Finishing Details

We wouldn’t be Arnold Laver if we didn’t offer you a diverse range of ironmongery, hinges and other fittings, to suit all budgets. We’ve even teamed up with HOPPE® – a renowned company at the cutting edge of technology – who has created the SecuSan® antimicrobial door handles to provide active protection against germs such as bacteria, fungi and algae. Hoppe at Arnold Laver  It’s clever and worth consideration in these unprecedented times.

Fire Doors – Proud Partner

We are also the sole distributor of the leading European company Huet, renowned for manufacturing high-performance doors. We share the same standards in high quality and service, and we share a legacy with Huet, which has been successful in business for some 45 years. Huet specialise in manufacturing doors for a range of settings: hotels and leisure, studios, stadia and auditoria, education, health and medical. You can find out more about our partnership here Huet Doors

We’re confident we will have something for you, and if we don’t, we can manufacture to your bespoke specifications. No door is closed to us, so why not challenge us to get it right for you?

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