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Kickstart your decking project

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19 October 2022

It might not look like it but Spring is just around the corner and that means it's time to get the decking down.


Spring is only around the corner which means one thing – it’s time to start planning that open-air extension of your living space. Freestanding or attached to a house wall, using deck boards to create an additional space that when warm weather is with us, is ideal for outdoor entertaining or relaxing outdoors.

Decking is flexible and has the ability to be updated or extended over time. You can also build around fixtures such as trees or posts that are in the way. Some more good news is that you don’t need to be a carpenter to build a deck! So long as you have access to a few power tools and possess a few woodworking skills, you can undertake the work yourself.

Where will you lay it?

The first step of the planning process is to decide what you are building your decking for and where you want to lay it. Consider the purpose of your decking – are you going to use it to entertain and socialise, or maybe it is an area where your children can play. Knowing what you will use your decking for will help you determine the location and what type of timber you should choose.

How big will it be?

The next step is to determine how big you want your decking to be. Most importantly, consider the size of your garden. How much space do you have and how much space do you want to cover? If you aren’t sure, be conservative when it comes to size, you can always extend later.

Which Decking Structure?

When it comes to the structure of your decking, there are many, many options. These are the three most popular decking structures:

A simple ground-level deck – this is more suitable for a level surface and is the most simple decking structure to construct and lay.

A ground-level deck with balustrade – this type of decking creates an enclosed space, which is great if you want to be able to keep children and pets in one area. The balustrade acts as a decorative, as a well as practical, feature. With this decking type, you could also add a gate for security.

Raised deck with balustrade and steps – this is more suitable for gardens that are on a slope. One potential downside of this type of decking is that it is a much larger scale project and will take longer to complete. A benefit, however, is that the space underneath the structure can be used for extra storage.

Which Decking Design?

There are different ways of configuring your timber that makes up your decking. Here are some of our preferred designs.

Horizontal deck boards – this provides a traditional decking look.

Diagonal deck boards – this is a more contemporary, yet still classic option.

Chevron deck boards – this creates a decorative chevron pattern that is reminiscent of a parquet floor.

Picture frame deck boards – this is an attractive option if you are looking for something a bit more decorative.

How many decking boards?

Use our handy calculator below to get an estimate of the materials and costs involved.

Decking Calculator

What type of decking?

There are three types of decking to choose from: timber, composite and Gripsure. Our traditional timber decking is available in softwood and hardwood options; both of which are low maintenance and machined for a professional finish. Composite decking has a high percentage of wood which gives it a more natural look. However, its polyethene base means that it has certain benefits over natural timber. Finally, Gripsure offers a wide range of non-slip decking options from traditionally treated softwood to naturally durable hardwoods. To find out more about your decking options, have a read of our blog – ‘Get outside! Here are your garden decking options and the pros and cons’.

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