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Keeping your garden happy

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5 October 2022

There’s more to a garden than just grass. How can we at Arnold Laver help you? By providing a comprehensive range of products for the garden that enable you to design your personal space within your budget, offering clever solutions on space saving ideas, privacy, and reorganisation. The old adage ‘there is always something to do in a garden’ is spot on. There is - and we can help you alter, improve, and reimagine.

Easy Wins for the Garden

Even slight changes to gardens can make a vast difference. Those unsightly bins, wheelie or standard, can be disguised with use of our slatted screens. These screens are pressured treated and allow light to filter through, so they are perfect screenings for anything you’d prefer to hide. They also provide privacy without increasing shade and work well as screens to create separate ‘rooms’ within a larger garden for perfect divisions between lawn, flower, and vegetable areas of a garden. Versatile and easy to install!

If you’re short on time and are keen to install your own fence (though it’s not a job to undertake alone - the panels are very heavy and help is a must) rather than outsourcing the labour to a contractor, fence panels are an excellent option.

The Next Level

Those lower ground-level flower beds and vegetable patches can be lifted with our sleepers, enabling easier preparation, weeding, and harvesting. Raised beds also make flowers more prominent and spreading your garden’s foliage over multiple levels adds dimension and eye-catching elements all around the space. A quick win on a redesign, raised beds can also make a real difference for those with difficulties working at ground level. They also work brilliantly as garden steps to a higher level, or just a border around lush flower beds.

Installing a fence using slats and rails can be a time-consuming job, and many find bringing in professionals to do the work is the best way to get a neat and stable fence that will last for years to come. However, once your fence is erected, beyond standard timber maintenance, there’s very little to do, and repairs can usually be done yourself as it’s often the case of replacing a single slat or rail, rather than an entire section of fence.

Drawing the Eye

Arbours and garden structures draw the eye, provide picturesque seating areas and offer an opportunity for fresh planting and storage. Our extensive ranges run from simple to more complex structures, but all are quality, long lasting and fantastic looking, for a range of garden sizes.

Our garden sheds work well as simple workshops, garden tool storage spaces, or a chance to get creative and introduce a space for deckchairs and a glass of something cool. This is the time to encourage safe storage of chemicals, sharp tools and spare pots and peat, to keep little hands out and the lawn clear – our sheds are the perfect solution for keeping unsafe or unsightly garden items out of the way. We also offer a selection of dog kennels and runs – lovely to have a pooch in the garden, but also good to know they can be safe and sheltered.

Choosing the Right Structure

Greenhouses and pergolas are a favourite. They are useful, but they also look fantastic, and they are a lovely addition to a garden to make the most of spring and summer. Good for storage, greenhouses provide a sheltered space for potting, and can look lovely bursting with summer blooms. Who doesn’t love a terracotta pot with bulbs or blooms? Pergolas can provide that viewpoint and seating area and work well for climbers, either planted alongside or from pots. Use pergolas to show designated routes around the garden and delineate ‘rooms’ – pass through from formal planting to a country garden. The pergola divides the space, draws the eye as well as the feet, and is an easy win to add structure to a garden.


Check out all our garden and landscaping options and if your garden could do with a lift, there’s no excuse. Arnold Laver is the one-stop-shop for you!

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