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Hurrah for Hoardings

Products for smarter hoardings.

As we all appreciate, for commercial builds the hoarding is vital and vibrant hoardings are regular sights across evolving cities, residential sites and new corporate builds. A tatty hoarding isn’t good marketing, a smart hoarding is. Not just a system to provide security and privacy, a hoarding is also your chance to raise awareness of your brand, an opportunity to communicate key messages to the local community and potentially maximise exposure to advertise sales of the build. We all love those viewing sections to keep an eye on an emerging construction as we pass by and it makes us feel involved and informed.

Hoardings are far more useful than you might think. Check out Fotoply here and get creative.

Hoardings for Private Builds

As for smaller, private builds, we’ve all seen those new building programmes and discreet hoardings give a professional finish to an unfinished project. Even if you’re build is much smaller, hoardings are a great way to maintain security and keep your local community happy ahead of the big reveal. If there’s a lull in your building project, your dreams are more secure behind a hoarding and your site remains private. Your smaller site is just as important to us as the big ones, so let us help you get the prep right at Arnold Laver.

Smart Stuff

We work with Smartply OSB.  Hoardings are coated with a tough weather resistant coating for short or longer build requirements, and conform to the requirements of EN 300 and EN 13986. The Smartply OSB is ideal for private build projects and shorter term hoarding requirements. Need a step up from the OSB? Then the SmartPly OSB3 is ideal for environments where there is greater humidity and the SmartPlay OSB4 is a high performance engineered wood panel suitable for the most demanding structural applications in offsite manufacturing and construction.

Check out our range here and find what works for you.

Let us Sweat the Big Stuff                            

Not sure what you need or need guidance on installation? Our website gives a simple outline of different types of OSB hoarding panels and instructions on how to install the panels so you can get the best from your hoarding.

Visit Arnold Laver Hoardings for information and choose what works for you.

Inspired? Embark on your own build and get the prep right.

New Build Products

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