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How to create your outdoor kitchen

You might remember those idyllic holidays abroad when you ate outside all the time, some lucky enough might have even had a villa with an outdoor kitchen.

As temperatures heat up in the UK and we seem to have more drier days (although we’re tough enough to BBQ in the cold/wet) there is a trend to incorporate an outdoor kitchen into your garden. We’re always told on property programmes to bring the outside in well how about taking the inside out?!

It’s a fantastic feature that can add value to your home and provide many benefits for you and your family for years to come.

There are many reasons, but lets look at the main ones we think.

Outdoor Kitchens are convenient

Fed up of cleaning up your indoor kitchen following the chaos of a Summer party? Collecting all the cutlery, crockery, cups and un-eaten food, we’ve all had to do it. But, if you spent the evening preparing & cooking outside in your new outdoor kitchen area ( in which you cunningly also incorporated a shelter) with cupboards, sink and maybe you pushed the boat out and installed a pizza oven, everything can be cleaned up without setting foot in the house – result!

Outdoor kitchens bring an entirely new, exciting, and convenient element to entertaining, or simply to cooking for the family any day of the week. Plus, they are designed with the country’s climate in mind, so surfaces are often more durable and less porous than the materials you may have chosen indoors. You needn’t worry about spills or messes, as they can very easily be cleaned away, either by the chef or the elements! Instead of being somewhat stressful, cooking for guests or family becomes an experience. Something to take in and enjoy.

Outdoor cooking, in the UK?

It’s fair to say that the UK weather is unpredictable… we have Winter’s with no snow, Spring with torrential rain and Summer, if we’re lucky, with a smattering of sunny days, but, it has changed – now for some meteorological info for you weather geeks out there; Data from annual UK weather reports shows that this century so far has been warmer than the 3 previous centuries. The top 10 warmest years since 1884 have occurred since 2002. So, it most definitely is getting warmer, have we convinced you yet?

Outdoor kitchens help you make the most of nice weather

It’s going to been sunny this weekend, quick, get to the shop and buy some charcoal or, oh no, we have no gas or worse still, scrub those snails of the old barbeque, spin it out with one wheel hanging off and a leg adrift – familiar? No more we say, everything is ready in your outdoor kitchen area with built-in barbeque.

No sun, no problem. If you want to truly commit, you may want to incorporate a fully covered dining area (maybe by use of a pergola, pagoda or other structure) so weather is never a problem, anytime of the year. Just imagine a crisp Winter’s day and your cooking outdoors and eating outdoors, all under cover protected from the elements. Again, no mess in the house…

An outdoor kitchen can increase the value of your home

Selling your home is probably not something you are thinking of while creating your outdoor kitchen, why would you want to move house? But, all that time, effort and money you put into your creation will definitely result in adding value to your home. As long as you keep within the planning regs, no planning permission will be needed but you are creating extra space.

Time spent outdoors is good for you

We all know what it’s like to be shut indoors in the last couple of years and the negative effect on your mental & physical health. Soak up at vitamin D from the sun (don’t forget to apply sun cream) and enjoy cooking outside. Experiment with different recipes inspired by your outdoor surroundings; pizza toppings, fish dishes and more.

Memories are made

More than anything, an outdoor kitchen is an extension of your home, and as such is the perfect place to cook-up wonderful memories. Whether it’s with family, or friends, or neighbours who’ve decided you’re their new favourite pizza chef – you can host parties, BBQs, and pizza nights, all while enjoying everything lovely that your new garden has to offer.

Is an outdoor kitchen for you?

They aren’t for everyone due to cost, space or it’s just not your thing but, if you are even slightly interested, go for it, even in small way to start and then add to it over the years. Your local garden landscaper will help guide you and we, of course, have all the materials you’ll need.

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