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How to add value to your home: Garden Improvements

Are you looking to increase value to your home? Perhaps you are looking tips and info to help you to add value to your home on the market. Well, at Arnold Laver, we thought we would bring you our home improvements guide, with garden improvements. 

When people improve their home ready for the housing market, they often leave the garden overlooked, when it can be one of the simplest places to start. With many of us spending more time at home now than ever before and being confined to mini garden get-togethers, potential buyers will be analysing your garden with renewed interest. So, take the time to improve your garden with either a few small or big improvements that will capture homebuyers’ attention.

Start Simple with a Blank Space

Of course, we understand that getting your home ready for the market can be a stressful and time-consuming process, and during all of this, many of the small things can become overlooked. This is why we are here to remind you to roll up your sleeves and start with the little nitty-gritty tasks.

Start by weeding out the garden. Whether you use tools or a weeding spray or solution, this is the best place to start to achieve a blank canvas. Removing all of the pesky weeds will give you a clear vision of what you need to do to start improving your garden, and it goes without saying to keep any grass areas trimmed short. This will show guests to your garden the full potential the space can offer, and also subconsciously cross some extra chores off of their mental to-do lists.

Fix your Fences!

Once the weeds are disposed of, turn your attention to any areas that might need fixing or bringing back to life. For example, fixing up your garden fences will bring a new lease of life into your space and frame your garden for a welcoming atmosphere. Replace any broken or cracked panels or structure points with new timber and ensure your garden is a safe and secure haven for all residing in it. 

Once your fence is up-to-code, then why not revitalise it with a new paint job? Choose a light colour that welcomes light into your garden and creates the illusion of more space. For a clean and modern look, opt for a sleek navy or grey colour which looks fantastic layered with greenery and mirrors to add an extra dimension to the space.

Bring to Life an Alfresco Dining Area

Even if your garden isn’t a sun-trap, you can make the most of capturing any rays that enter the garden with an attractive decking area. Show home buyers the potential of sitting out to eat in the sun surrounded by their family and friends, bringing holiday vibes home for good. 

Style your gorgeous new decking with a comfortable table and chairs that will make breakfast, brunch, and BBQs an affair to remember. Imaginations will be unlocked as potential buyers envision themselves sitting out in the sun and enjoying a cold drink. Without the furniture, they will be able to imagine any styles that suit their aesthetic and hobbies best; from sun loungers to hot tubs, the possibilities are endless with attractive and high-quality decking. 

At Lavers, you can explore a range of affordable decking options, including composite and timber decking, that will instantly add value to your home. A must-have and on-trend style, decking is quickly becoming essential in any attractive garden area.

Create Extra Space with Storage

Another factor high on people’s agenda when valuing a home is storage space. A lack of storage space can put people off a property if they don’t think they’ll be able to move all of their belongings comfortably with them. So, by adding a modern storage space or garden shed to your property can increase its value and potential. Even if storage is not a major issue for yourself, then think about all the things you could do with a shed space at the bottom of the garden. 

Recently, garden ‘bars’ have skyrocketed in popularity with people trying to create a social space away from their kitchens and living rooms, where they can socialise with friends all year round. Explore our collection of garden storage options, or why not find inspiration in our wide range of timber that presents excellent opportunities for bespoke creations?

Add Dimension with Different Areas

Finally, our last tip to add value to your home and garden is one for all of us. Whether you have a wide expansive garden or space is of a premium, playing around with dimension or adding different ‘areas’ to your garden can greatly increase the perceived space and therefore the value. 

Picture your garden as it is now and mentally section it off into different areas with different purposes. Here are a few ideas to help you get started. For example, use our earlier idea of having an outside dining area with a table, ideally close to the back door where you can eat and drink in the sun. Next, section off an open area where children or pets can run around safely, this will also act as the open space which makes your garden feel safe and comfortable.

If you have a green thumb, then why not divide a section off with planters and trellises to make up a plant and nature garden? After all, you never know what potential home buyers would value most, so this helps them to envision every kind of dream or idea they may have. Do you remember that idea of dimension that we talked about? Well, spreading your garden space across different levels will also create the illusion of a lot more space. If you walk out of your house onto decking, then this is one level of the garden and one area. If you step down from that into greenery, then this will feel like a whole other open space. So, why not take it an extra step by adding more decking to the rear of the garden and create a relaxation corner or hidden nook? This will spread the dimension even further and add more potential to the space.

Gripsure Decking lifestyle shots for Homebase at Bluebells, Boswinger, Cornwall, Britain on 8 August 2016.

Gripsure Decking lifestyle shots for Homebase at Bluebells, Boswinger, Cornwall, Britain on 8 August 2016.

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