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How skirting boards can give a real lift to any room


When was the last time you had a look at your skirting boards? Thought so, not very often; that’s because they just sit there around the base of your rooms covering the joint between the wall surface and the floor as well as protecting the wall from kicks, abrasion and furniture.







If you live in a modern house, that’s anything from about the 1960s onwards, chances are they’ll be what is known as a bullnose profile which are quite plain looking, but not in a bad way; we mean unfussy and uncomplicated and with clean lines. But just because your house has such skirting boards doesn’t mean you can’t (and shouldn’t) upgrade them.




It could also be that your skirting boards have taken a real kicking over the years with dents and deep scuffs marks and they might also be coming away from the walls. If you have Victorian home there’s a good chance they’ll have lost their original intricate profile thanks to layers of gloss paint – tut tut, you should really strip back to the original wood when decorating; you wouldn’t keep covering wallpaper with more wallpaper, would you?

Replacing and updating your skirting boards will make a huge difference to your house; your guests will notice them (and hopefully comment on them) because of the way they’ll stand out, and if you’re particularly brave and imaginative then why not try a colour that isn’t white? Go on, give it a go!





You also don’t have to replace you skirting boards with ones that are the same height and thickness; again, be brave. There are so many designs for skirting boards that it can be a bit overwhelming but the best way to go about finding designs is to look online at interior design websites and at home and decorating magazines – you could even look at houses that are for sale on sites such as Zoopla and RightMove for some inspiration. It’s never been easier.





Here at Arnold Laver we stock a wide range of quality skirting boards, and in a variety of styles to suit every home. You can choose from pre-painted black or white skirtings for a classic style, or opt for simple MDF mouldings for the utmost in versatility. These are easy to produce and can be made to outlast the average wood skirting board; they’re also very strong so they help protect walls from damage.









Our highly durable Kota skirting boards are manufactured from MDF and coated with polymer to give a consistent, superior finish with no need to paint. They’re also free from harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and are manufactured using patented technology to provide a clean, stylish skirting solution for your home. Our range of timber skirting is an essential way to add a sleek finishing touch to any room, and no matter where your project is taking place or what style you’re opting for, we know you will be spoilt for choice!



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