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Home working too much like hard work? Planning your garden office.

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In these exceptional times, many of us have experienced working from home for the first time. For others who usually work from home, it’s been a great opportunity to proffer advice on achieving that perfect work/life balance. In many cases, home workers usually find their own way to make it work best for them, for others there has been a slow recognition that the kitchen table or spare room just isn’t the solution. If that’s you, why not think about creating your own bespoke work space and make your commute just a very pleasant stroll down the garden.

One Stop Shop for your Garden Office


Whether you want to dust off your tools, or find a joiner, at Arnold Laver we have a range of timber and wood products that could easily make your new garden office a reality. With ready-made garden offices apparently averaging around £5,000, a self-built office enables you to create a quiet space to suit you so you can successfully split work and home life, and potentially add value to your property to boot. It’s a sure-fire way to achieve neighbour envy and it can be relatively easy. 

Make it work for you

Have you an unloved corner of your garden or an area that has never really achieved its growing potential? This is the kind of space that works well for a garden office. Then you can make it as bespoke to your needs as you wish. Adding decking can extend your work space and you can opt for a natural wood finish or a painted exterior – remember your garden office may become part of your view so make the best of it.

Laver Peterborough-Timber-Sheets

Internally, you can maximise space with the clever use of mdf to help you install integral furniture such as a desk, as opposed to free-standing, to help you achieve more within a smaller space, extensive shelving provides a good opportunity to get your work in order and installing a vinyl or laminate flooring can make all the difference.   Or go the whole hog and make your space good for multi-use, by creating a flexible space that suits leisure as well as work.   When you’re not working, let the new space be a peaceful haven or new play space for children.  A well-built flexible work/play build will always be an asset, and we have the timber products to help you achieve just that.

Check the Facts

In most cases, as a home owner you will not need planning permission to build a garden/home office if you live in a house and are planning to build in your garden. Quick facts at the outset to bear in mind are that your home office must cover less than half of your garden and the eaves height should not exceed 2.5m. There are other factors you should take into account and it is worth checking with your local authority ahead of construction to ensure you comply. This planning portal is a useful place to check.

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