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27 April 2021

How to stop decking becoming slippery

Get the Garden Sorted: Tick!

Our outside space is far more adaptable than we think. It needn’t involve as much effort as you envisage and with some quick tips, you can make your garden, yard or terrace, a place you can be proud of. Let Arnold Laver give you the tools – metaphorically – and the ideas to inspire you to get your hands very slightly dirty! Our Forest Garden outdoor products has something for all your needs and pocket. Even if you’re nurturing plants, storing garden equipment, or looking for somewhere to easily put away the deckchairs at dusk, we have a few tips to ensure you keep your outside space looking its very best and give you a view you can be proud of.


Clear Up and Put Away

Our storage solutions provide a range of options to suit you, whether you’re storing tools and the lawnmower, or you want to create a focal point for your garden. Our sheds are easy to install and can be one of the most useful storage spaces in the garden. It’s time to think about the inside, how it looks when you open the door and make storage and retrieval manageable. Our shed doors are often open and no one wants to see a tangle of lawnmower and hose.

Think simple wooden shelves, with heavy items on lower shelves or on the floor, and items you need less often on higher shelves. Ensure your shelves are secure – these can be easily attached to the wooden inside walls of your shed – and double check that any chemicals, such as weed killer, are contained appropriately and out of reach of little hands.  Remember to keep an eye on ‘use-by’ dates as there’s a good reason chemicals include a date. We’d always recommend a lockable cupboard and these can be affixed to the wall of the shed, if you decide against shelves.  Don’t feel ‘shed shame’ when you open the door!

Spring Shoots

Our Forest Green ‘green’ houses are practical and good looking. Good for nurturing those tender shoots in early spring, they can also benefit from simple wooden shelves to showcase their plants over the summer. Again, attach shelves where you can, but cascading geraniums and lobelia will flourish in a green house, and colour and form can make your green house a lovely focal point for your garden. 

Terribly Useful Trellis

Of course, trellis is useful for supporting climbing plants. It’s also brilliant for hiding unsightly brick or stonework and doesn’t have to have plantings nearby. As light passes through trellis, it can additionally be used as a divider – shielding your terrace from direct sun or neighbours, or a method of dividing a garden into rooms. Lit at night from an angle, trellis can also create a beautiful look for after dark.  

Feeling inspired?

Our Forest Garden range timber is treated to withstand the rigors of the seasons. As with all our timber in the range – from fences and gates, to summerhouses and storage solutions – our wood is treated to withstand the rigors of winter. Or if you want to stain or paint our products to give colour and texture, then feel free to get creative. Feeling inspired? Check out our website or visit one of our Covid-safe depots where our helpful staff can advise. There’s no excuse not to spend time in the great outdoors – albeit close to home!

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