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Engineered Products

Products that save build time on site, improve thermal values and reduce health and safety risk for all methods of modern construction.

Looking for Timesaving Build Fixes? Here’s how.

Need to know you can access a simple solution to what is often a complex problem? Nothing is beyond you if you’re embarking on a domestic build, or we can do multiple simple solutions, with a set of products that can give you peace of mind in a complex commercial world.

Our Engineered Products Division, National Timber Systems (NTS), provides design, manufacture and technical support on timber engineering for domestic and commercial construction. We offer the same level of expertise, preparation and treatments on trussed rafters, gable and party spandrels, engineered joists, floor and roof cassettes, as well as the clever and innovative NYTROOF, a rapid-fit ‘room in the roof’ system.  In conjunction with NYTimber, we cater for all our customers, whether you’re building a private house, or an estate of houses, our engineered wood products achieve the same high standards of quality control, environmental credentials and care in the production process.

Need a Helping Hand?

If you’re thinking of an extension or a re-roofing, or a loft conversion, it’s never been simpler. Our engineered roof trusses and floor joists are made to measure, delivered to your site and we can help you get the technical side spot on. 

We have three regions that specialise in these systems: Bristol, Newcastle and Sheffield Mosborough, plus ten designers situated around the country, three technical sales staff – one in each region – and our NTS offer is complimented by a range of timber, sheet materials and joinery products supplied out of one of our 16 depots located around the country. We’re on hand to help you get going or manage your major project with one key supplier on which you can rely. 

Good with Jigsaws?

It’s a clever set of products that make building far easier. With major construction companies, such as Bellway, Persimmon and Miller Homes, adding their voices in support of these products, you know you’re on the right track.

Manufactured off-site bespoke to your measurements, these products come to your site ready to fit. The Rapid Fit System, Gable and Party Panels, STEICO Engineered joints, Roof and Floor cassettes and Pre-insulated Wall Panels, give your build a time-saving boost with their easy to fit processes.  Once used, you’ll never go back to the traditional piece-meal method of building.  Let us help you achieve your deadlines!

For more information on Arnold Laver here or visit the National Timber Systems website here and move your project on, beyond your expectations!

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