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Decking quick installation guide

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6 October 2022

Why Decking Works

If you garden doesn’t resemble the MMC’s Lord’s Cricket Ground as the sun rises on a warm summer morning, then decking may be right for you.  To install garden Decking is also a brilliant way to just add a flat easy-seating area in sunny corner or a focal point for plants and pots. Decking also extends a ‘living room’ into your garden providing additional seating space perfect for the forthcoming summer – perfect by French windows or a back door.  Timberworld carries a diverse variety of decking to fit all your needs and pocket, from timber to composite, across a range of colours and finishes, ridged and anti-slip. Decking is also simple to install and can give your outside space a whole new look and life.

Where’s Best to install garden Decking

Any space, large or small, sunny or shady, is good for decking. In a larger garden, decking can add differing heights across an area, adding visual interest, giving you a variety of planting options, and providing seating areas that can move with the sun. Alternatively, within a smaller garden, decking can give the impression of more space, smooth out imperfections and make more areas of your outside space useable.

How to install garden Decking

Whilst you can install decking across uneven ground, the points where the decking is supported need to be level. Remember if you’re building over earth, use weed control fabric underneath to avoid greenery creeping up from under your new decking. It’s a good tip, as it’s hard to remove weeds and grasses once the decking is in situ.

What tools will I need?

The tools you will need are: a tape measure, drill, jigsaw, hammer, nail gun (optional but very handy), spirit level, screwdrivers, workbench and a mitre saw. Remember safety first, and use gloves and goggles when sawing the wood.  You will need sufficient wood for the framework and the stakes (including the vertical edges), 50mm number-8 decking screws and 100mm nails, 25mm x 50mm. 

First steps

Consider carefully where you want the decking. If you’re extending the floor of a room into the garden, then check the level you need to achieve with the top edge of the decking boards, and ensure you have the right wood or slabs to level the decking to where you want.

Our pressure treated timber offers a good Anti-Rot guarantee so you can use these direct into earth. Check with our knowledgeable staff at our depots to find the best timber supports and frame for a deck. Quick tip: have your confirmed deck measurements to hand when enquiring. If your deck is not required a specific level, still check where you want your eye level to be when you’re sitting on your chair and admiring the view. Think about where neighbours are, where access is located, where you have existing structures in the garden (such as sheds, raised beds, planters, bins) and think about the position at every time of the day. Remember the sun moves and so do shadows.

How to get the ground ready

Prepare the ground by removing any loose stones and roll if necessary. It is always best to get a solid footing so compressing soil is helpful. Measure out your shape, use string if necessary to map it out. Top tip: if you can, take a view from upstairs onto your garden and ensure that works from above too. Don’t forget to add your weed proof fabric if you are planning to use.

Use our pressure treated timber to build a frame, allowing approximately 32mm as deck overhang. Build your frame and use your spirit level at every opportunity to get it absolutely spot on. Arrange your joists evenly spaced to provide support and secure – we suggest 400mm apart – and add additional support with noggins (these also give you additional frame to attach your deck boards if you want). Lay your chosen decking out within the frame to ensure you get it right. Use a pencil and saw to fit.

Feeling creative? We love the diagonal look which can be easy to achieve. Lay it all out to see what you prefer ahead of securing. You might want to use the decking planks to create a frame and a step, so remember to have sufficient to do this if you fancy that option. Always remember to minimise any gap between ground and the frame which supports the decking so avoid unwanted furry guests making a home under your decking! 

And relax … With the right preparation, tools and materials on site, a simple decking shouldn’t take you more than a day to build. Seasoned DIYers can take far less time and decking is a super option to get a new look for your outdoor space.

Timberworld will have the decking to suit you and the look you’re looking to achieve.

Check out the range here or visit one of our depots and get the advice you need.

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